Check-List: Checking It Off!

Cat sleeping in the net of a socer goal with caption that reads "I haz a goal and I iz sleepinz on itz." [CC]

This page updated on Jan 10, 2012

This page is part “to do list” and part a list of “mini-goals.” My ultimate goal is to live healthy.  Simple?  Yeah, right!  If you think it is going to be simple then I’ve got some securitized mortgages I’d like to sell you for beachfront property in Death Valley.

How will I know when I’ve reached my goal?  Well here are some possible indicators:

  • My body fat percentage drops
  • My total body weight drops
  • My muscle mass increases
  • My muscle strength increases
  • My body becomes more flexible
  • My quality of sleep improves
  • I require less sleep
  • My stress level reduces
  • My ability to handle stress increases
  • I no longer have to take high blood pressure medication
  • My energy levels increase.
  • My stamina increases
  • I develop a healthy relationship with food.
  • Simple tasks which now require effort become simple again.  I know this sounds crazy, but here is a concrete example:  Getting dressed in the morning.  OH MY GAWD!!!  Right now, it takes EFFORT!  Let’s not go into gory detail, but rather say that one should not grunt, pant and break out in a sweat while getting dressed!  Another example.  One should not waddle and make sighing noises while walking toward the kitchen to get the first cup of coffee.  One should not have to put one’s hand onto a desk or chair to maintain balance while bending over or squatting and one shouldn’t have to use the same chair to pull one’s self up from the floor.  I’m just sayin’!

Ok, so now you have an idea of my what long-term goals look like and how I will know when I’ve “made it”.

Now let’s talk about how I’m going to get there.  I need a plan!  Eeeekkk!!!  Run Forest Run!  *ahem*  I’m not saying that I won’t stray from the plan.  After all, [insert horrible attempt at a ‘Yoda’ voice] “Not a saint, am I!”  I actually tried doing it aloud.  LOL  My “Yoda” sounded Indian (as in India, not Native American).  Now you know why I gave up being an actor!  🙂  But I digress…  Don’tcha love it when I digress?  😉

Which brings back to this “working to do list” that you’re reading.  This page is where I’ll make notes about specific tasks and as I achieve them and they become habit and a normal part of my new healthy lifestyle, I’ll mark them “DONE” and move them over to my “Check-List: Done!” page

And the list serves as a  reminder that even a simple item is actually complex.  So as I work toward my goals, I shall not let the nay-sayers drag me down!  I can point with confidence to my list and say “Look at what I’ve done!  I rejoice in the little things because the little things ain’t that easy!  And a pile of little things adds up to a big huge honking “I rock” pile of LIVING HEALTHY!

Group A

Things that will either (1) create positive momentum (2) keep me on track or (3) will produce the most “bang for the buck” in my quest to be healthy.

  • Make my “morning coffee” more healthy (create momentum)
    — Coffee Maker — I need to clean it with vinegar, inside and out to remove the built up oils.
    — Coffee Maker — I need to start using the timer and putting the grounds and water in the pot at night where I have more time, so that in the morning, where I am usually rushed, the coffee is already made and waiting when I wake up.
  • Get a good night’s sleep (bang for the buck)
    — Replace my old comforter
    — Replace the anti-allergy liner on my bed. (bought it but haven’t put it on yet 1-10-2012)
    — Replace the anti-allergy pillow covers on my pillows (bought it but haven’t put it on yet 1-10-2012)
    — Do a spring cleaning of my bedroom (thorough dusting)
    — Replace the carpet in my room with hardwood floor
    – STARTED but not completed yet” »»» Look into the appliance that my dance partner was telling me about that controls snoring.
    – STARTED (see next two items) »»» — Go to bed at a consistent time / Wake up at a consistent time
    – STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» —– Set a consistent wake up time of 7am
    – STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» —– Set a consistent go to bed time of 11pm
    – STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» Reduce caffeine
    — STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» Only two mugs of coffee in the morning (Coffee pot says 4)
    – STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» No caffeine after lunch.
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» Eliminate sodas from my diet.
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» Drink Green Tea instead of soda.
    —-Need to defrost the ice maker in the staff frig
    —-Need to take a big refillable insulated “mug” to work (I’ve got two at home)
    —-Need to buy some bottles of unsweetened Tea (probably the 365 brand from Whole Foods) and take them up to work.  Couple week’s supply
    —-Need to buy some Stevia to keep at work
  • STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  Track my weight and body fat percentage. (keep me on track)  Update 1-10-2012  << Almost ready to move to my DONE page — one more week and it will be a habit!  Yay Me!  Go Team Tony!
  • Take regular progress photos. (keep me on track)
  • STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  Get back on Jenny Craig. (bang for the buck)
    — Prep at home for a new “week one” on Jenny Craig:
    —– Get a full week of food from Whole Foods for a new “week one” on Jenny Craig
    —– Clean out the pantry and fridge of any “non-menu” items.
    —– Clean the fridge at home
    —– Clean, straighten, organize my dishes cabinet
    — Get a copy of the new “before” photo from Jenny Craig Center and post it on my blog.
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  Reduce the number of times I eat at a fast food restaurant to almost zero
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  Don’t eat out at restaurants as a routine thing, make it the occasional thing or special thing.
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  When I do eat at a fast food place or a restaurant, choose the healthiest thing on the menu.
  • Increase my aerobic activity either through more dancing or by cycling or both (bang for the buck)
    — Started planning the coming dance year.  This will be a HUGE amount of aerobic activity!  Yay Me!
  • Buy clothes that fit — really fit! (create momentum)
  • Reduce Stress (MOVED FROM GROUP B TO GROUP A on 12/16/2011) This topic is so huge that it would require a whole book in and of itself.  But for now here are some highlights:
    Better manage time at work.
    — Better manage conflicting directives at work.
    — Better manage maintaining “Zen outlook” when customers behave like idots, break the rules or go off on me for no reason during the course of my daily work with the “public”.  *SIGH*  If only people would behave like adults and be considerate and courteous to each other.
    — Learn to “Zen” when I encounter #$%^@&*#! crazy drivers drive like idots and speed and tailgate and text and use their phones and generally behave like fools.  Don’t let it bother me.  Yeh, right.  I’ll have to work on that.  *SIGH*
    — STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» — Reduce impact from the biggest stress inducing factor in my life: my fitness level..

Group B

Things that will move me toward my goal but which can be done at any point.

  • — STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» Take a daily vitamin supplement

  • — STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» Take a daily supplement of “Calcium fortified with Vitamin D”
  • — STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»» Take a daily dose of Finasteride (Prescribed by my doctor for male pattern hair loss)
  • Drink more water.
  • Stretch
  • Lift weights
  • Do daily Lotions & Potions (e.g. use moisturizer at bedtime to improve healthiness of skin)
  • Park at the edge of the parking lot at work or when I go to the grocery store, etc.
  • Make wise food choices at the grocery store like:
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  — Buy whole wheat bread.
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  — Drink only 1% milk
    STARTED but not a “done / habit yet” »»»  — Buy only organic foods.
  • Stretch and warm up before a dance lesson or practice.
  • Install the “Stretching” software program on the computer at work and home so I don’t tense up my shoulders and neck from staying in one position too long.

Group C

Things which I’d *like* to do and which would be great, but which are not necessarily a critical step on the way to meeting my goal of getting fit and healthy.

  • Go out social dancing (no beer).  Yeah, like that is going to happen!  LOL  Ok, ok, just three beers for the whole evening!  That I can do.  🙂   And dear reader, “Why?”, you ask, “…is social dancing healthy?”  Well, mental health is important too and being around friends having a good time definitely improves overall quality of life.  So there!  And it is good exercise.  It’d be better without the beer, but let’s not get carried away here, I’m trying to be healthy, not a saint!
  • Take an adult ballet fitness class offered by the Texas Ballet Theater
  • Get a monthly massage (or more often if I can manage the cost)
  • Take a Tai Chi Class (I did Tai Chi for a while and I really really REALLY loved it).

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