Progress Photos/Charts: 2014.10.17 – Making Adjustments

Progress Photos: 2014.10.17

Photo on 10-17-2014 at 3.05 PM Side by Side

Where I started – Me on Jul 26, 2014

2014-07-26 At my heaviest weightMe at my computer on July 26, 2014 at my heaviest weight of 333 lbs.

Where I want to be when I reach my target fitness level:

Fit me from back in the day! - All Cowboy'd Up!“Fit me” from back in the day! – All Cowboy’d Up!
This gives you a good idea of what I’ll look like when I’m fit and healthy.
‘course I have a few more wrinkles around the eyes now… LOL

This week on my “Journey to Health & Fitness

Shapin' Up Bear!I know that this is Wed and that my goal is to do this every Saturday, but things have been a bit hectic this week so I’m posting it late.

I’m also going to keep it short and sweet.  Ok. ok, the GASP of shock from the peanut gallery was unnecessary.  I can do short and sweet if I have to…

At the beginning of each month I set myself some “objectives” for that month.  I kinda over reached for October.  sigh  So I’m dialing it back for the rest of the month.

And the ones that I don’t get done in October will become my objectives for November.  It is a Journey.  Progress not perfection.  I gotta keep telling myself that!

I’ll talk about the numbers next to each chart:

Progress Charts

Body Composition Ratio: 2014.10.17

Total body weight dropped.  Body Fat increased slightly which means lean body mass dropped.  Arrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!

I really REALLY REALLY wish I could afford to get the Tanita Scale which has better sensors.  And I wish I could afford to go and have the other, far more expensive, methods done of measuring body fat like “Hydrostatic Weighing,” or a “DEXA Scan” (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) or get measured with a Bod-pod.  Alas, unless I find a Sugar Daddy these all remain out of reach.

2014-10-17 Body Mass

Physical Measurements: 2014.10.17

Down from last week on both Primary and secondary sets of measurements.  Which is good.  Yay!  Even though the body fat measurement is going wacko, I’m still loosing inches.
2014-10-17 Total Inches

Weight: 2014.10.17

Total Body weight is down for the week.  Quite a bit actually.  So another measurement indicates that I’m making progress and that the body fat number should be disregarded for now.

In fact, I actually achieved my next milestone of 319.7 lbs.  I won’t actually “count it” until I’ve been at or below the milestone threshold for a week.  So keep your fingers crossed for me folks.

2014-10-17 Weight

Body Fat Percentage: 2014.10.17

After dropping last week, it popped back up this week. Aaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!  I’m being consistent.  I’ve done everything possible to minimize variables.  But this number continues to be a pain in the butt.

I know intellectually that the numbers I’m seeing are within the margin of error and rationally I know that all the other indicators say that I’m still making progress…  BUT THIS NUMBER IS BUGGING ME ALL OUT OF PORPORTION!!!!  Urk.

I’m trying to find a low cost facility to do a BodPod, DEXA, and Hydro measurement of my body fat so I have those numbers to compare to the BIA number.  But those are expensive, very expensive and money is a real issue for me.  Anyone want to pay to get me tested?  Or does anyone in driving distance of Dallas / Fort Worth work for a facility who can do it for me for free?  If you do and you can help me out, then use my Contact Form to get in touch with me.
..  2014-10-17 Body Fat

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See ya on the dance floor!

Cowboy smiley 110x110


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  1. Hey Tony! I’ve been focused on another site for the last month so you haven’t seen me on your blog lately. Just letting you know I haven’t completely forgotten about you. Glad to see you’re still pushing forward. Congrats on the weight and inch loss! Good luck with your sale.


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