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A Case of Mistaken Identity: How I Became a St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Fan–Kinda Sorta

Me in St. Louis wearing my Cardinals Baseball CapDid you know that “Fan” is short for “Fanatic”?

There are fans, then there are FANS.

I am a fan but not a FAN Get it? Got if? Good! LOL

If you’re scrunching your face up, fear not my fellow baseball fan, all will become clear, just keep reading. 🙂

I enjoy baseball. If I’m going to watch any professional sporting event, then it will probably be a baseball game. And Baseball is just about the ONLY professional sporting event that I’ll actually spend money and time to go see, live, in person.

Among baseball teams, the St. Louis Cardinals are definitely my favorite team, which says something since I live in Dallas Texas and hereabouts there are a buncha Texas Rangers fans who don’t take kindly to folks who root fer them thar varmints who kinda whooped up a bit on the Rangers in a certain World Series matchup that Texans are still trying to forget.

Seeing as I am a Native Texan, rootin for the Cardinals is…

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Beards and Baseball…Life is Good!

I have a new article on Squidoo

Me in my temporary splint the day after the accidentYou may have noticed that I have a beard.  I like beards.  I’ve had a beard since the day I graduated high school.  Literally, the very first day is when I started growing my beard.

Only once, when I really desperately needed a job which required me to shave my beard did I shave the beard.  But as soon as I found work elsewhere, the beard came back.  Needless to say I wasn’t at that particular job long.  I hated not having a beard.

Something else that I may not have mentioned… I like baseball.  I’m not a baseball nut or anything but I enjoy watching the game on TV and baseball is one of the very few sports that I enjoy going to the actual event to see in person.  I’ve even gone to a couple of college games.

Of course we’re talking men’s baseball.  Not so much into the ladies baseball.  Go figure.  😉

Beards and Baseball…

Jayson WerthI was watching a St Louis Cardinals game the other day and I asked my roommate “Is it just me or is there a LOT of beards on these guys?”   So I googled it.  And I’m not imagining it.  For whatever reason, baseball seems to have gone furry!  Oh my!  This is a very good thing!  Very good!

So without further ado, I bring you my latest Squidoo Article:

“Have You Noticed All the Beards in Baseball?

See ya on the dance floor!

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