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Where Tony’s been hiding and Thank Heaven for the Affordable Care Act

I’ve been out of the loop…

I heard through the grapevine that people from the dance world have been asking “Where’s Tony?”  Hmmm…  Is that kinda like “Where’s Waldo but in cowboy boots?  Read on if you’re curious about what’s been going on and why I’ve not been around the dance scene lately

But first… let me share some good news!  On Jan 1st, I’m getting health insurance and…

I’m going to be able to see the Doctor!!!!!!

Handsome Doctor (CC)No, not the cutie to the right..  LOL  YummME!

First of all… some ground rules:

In this post I’m going to be voicing my opinion at great length on a “hot button topic,” the Affordable Care Act”, something which I’ve never really done on my blog before.

But this is important folks!  And, to answer the question of “Where has Tony been? well, it is sorta necessary.

Setting that aside though for the moment, it is important to let folks know that the the ACA not some remote political fight.  There are real people benefiting from this law.  People like me.  By sharing my story perhaps anyone who reads this can put a “real face” to the issue.

Having said that, I recognize that others may disagree and want to comment and/or voice a rebuttal to what I have to say, which is fine.

However… “No rude or mean comments!!!”  If anyone chooses to make a comment on this post, then awesome, but if you don’t like the ACA (I refuse to call it “Obamacare”) then also fine, you are welcome to post an intelligent politely worded comment and disagree with me.

I have absolutely no problems with people holding different opinions than I, nor with people voicing those opinions, BUT there is no need to be rude or mean or demeaning while doing it.   Any such posts will be deleted, not approved for posting,  and I’ll remove you from my “follow” list immediately.  So just don’t go there!

Say it nicely or don’t say it at all! There is too much of that kind of BS in Washington.  I don’t have to put up with it on my blog.

Now… where was I?   LOL  I do that a lot don’t I… start out with one idea then BAM “Squirrel” I’m off on another topic!  Woot!  I should make a tee-shirt…  Hmmmm… now there’s an idea!  Woot!

I have an awesome Doctor!

LOL kitty RXHer name is Karen King; she is caring and kind and sweet, and efficient and knows her stuff and well, she’s just AWESOME!  And for almost 2 years I haven’t been able to see her about stuff that I really do need to see her about.

Uh… you guys did catch that right?  LET ME REPEAT:

For ALMOST TWO YEARS  I have needed to go to the doctor and to the dentist for things and have not been able to do so because I can’t afford it.  We live in the richest nation on the planet and a citizen of that country like myself has to go without healthcare because of money?

It is just wrong, that a person, an individual, has to ignore health issues and scrabble and scramble to make ends meet while corporations are sitting on BILLIONS of dollars protected by loopholes in the tax law written by the guys they helped elect allow them to keep piling up the wealth while people in this country go homeless and hungry and without health care?

Almost EVERY other major industrialized Western nation on the planet has UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE for its citizens.  And we don’t?  There is something wrong with this picture.

ACA is getting a bad rap and it should not!

A case study of 1 — “Moi” who thinks it is AMAZING!

ACA imageRather than jump immediately into this big huge philosophical discussion of the ACA and it’s relative merits, let’s talk about this in a “real world” kind of thing.

Bringing it down to a “real person” level

Putting a face on it…  My face to be precise.

And after I’m done…  Read the rest of this entry


The Tush Push — Everything you didn’t know you wanted to know.

Three Articles out of One:

Recently Google burped.  And the whole Internet Community freaked out.

Seriously!  It is kind of like the punch line from that old joke:

Q: Where does a 500 lb gorilla sit?

A: Wherever it wants!

The fact of the matter is that Google is the biggest most powerful search engine for the Internet on the Planet.  And when Google changes how it calculates page rank, hundreds of thousands of very smart people go to work trying to figure out why their web pages are no longer ranking high and they try to figure out how to get their pages to rank high again!

I write online at and the folks at Squidoo do all that “figuring out” bit for me.  Over the past few months, Squidoo has been changing things up a LOT!  All in an effort to regain the lost ground from Google’s last ranking system change.

I’ve actually been very lucky.  Most of the changes at Squidoo have not affected any of my lenses.  None of my lenses were caught by Squidoo’s new rules designed to weed out spammers and retain only original creative content.

In fact my lenses were moving up in rank and getting paid more as Squidoo weeded out all the garbage lenses.  Woo Hoo!

Well at least until Read the rest of this entry

Changing up how I report on the Top Ten Line Dances

There is just not enough time in the day…

keep calmKeeping track of the Top Ten Line Dance Reporting lists takes time.  Lots of it.  You’d be horrified about how much time it takes.  So I decided to change from reporting on the Top from Weekly to Monthly.

Up to now, I’ve had a detailed page where I put the Top Ten Dances from each site:

  • Copperknob
  • Kickit
  • World Line Dance Newsletter
  • LineDancer Magazine

On each of these detailed pages I had, for each dance:

  • The dance’s current rank #1, #2, #3, etc
  • An indicator of whether the dance was moving up or down the list
  • Details about the dance, like count, # of restarts & tags, difficulty level, etc.
  • The name of the dance and the name of the choreographer
  • Link to a stepsheet for the dance
  • Link to the music on Amazon.
  • Link to the music on iTunes
  • And embedded videos of the dance, both demonstrations and teaches

Then I had two “summary / review” lists which I created myself:

  • TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Summary – which basically listed the Top Ten dances as a simple list and then had a link to the more detailed page.
  • TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Review — a kind of Best of the Best “Most Popular” which listed only those dances which appeared on at least two of the four websites.

Whew!  I’m getting tire just listing it.  The “Weekly Summary” didn’t take that long, but the detailed page.   OMG!

So…  I’m keeping the “Weekly Summary” but I’m switching the detailed page to a monthly report instead of week.

Here’s what I’m doing.  I’m keeping track of the dances for each week during a given month.  Then I use some statistical magic and list only the top ten dances for the whole month.  In other words, only the VERY MOST POPULAR dances make the top ten for the month.

Which means [drum roll please]  I save time and you, dearest readers also save time.  Why?  Because instead of learning a potential of 40+ dances per month… you can look at my Monthly survey and learn only the top 10.  Woot!  Uh-huh!  Doing a happy “chair dance”!

Coo huh?

So.. Here is my very first one that I’m unveiling —

The Top Ten Line Dances from CopperKnob for the month ending Sept 21, 2013:

Enjoy!  See ya on the dance floor!

Thoughts on blogging, noses, unmentionables, wallowing and starting over…

What to write?

OMG! You're blogging about THAT? ©2012One of the problems with writing a blog is that people actually do read it.

In my case, not a lot of people, about six of you including my mom.  Ok, ok, there’s more than six but my little blog reaches only a few hundred folks, not a few hundred thousand.  But that’s enough to count.  LOL

And it is enough so that I, like any blogger, have to decide just how much detail to include from my personal life.

Ok…  I’ll give you a moment to process that.

Give it a bit… think about ALL of the things you do on a daily basis.  Now think about all the things which you do that you DON’T talk about in polite company.

Just for the sake of being obvious, and to indulge in a moment of juvenile regression, here are some examples of normal routine ordinary things which we all do, but usually don’t talk about or in this case, things we usually don’t blog about…

  • …how many times we go potty in a day.  The nature and quality of the products eliminated from the system during the potty process.
  • …whether or not we really wash our hands after going potty.
  • …how many times we insert our fingers into our noses. The nature and quality of the *ahem* product of finger insertion.
  • …how many times we scratch *ahem* unmentionables located in places usually covered by clothing while in public.
  • …and other such random acts of physiological grossness and impoliteness

Ask yourself:

TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Line Dance Review posted for this week.

There Are a Lot of Line Dance Lists!

Image used with permission of the copyright holderThere are lots of places on the Web that track the “Top Ten” line dances on a weekly or monthly basis.

And every single one of the darn tootin’ thangs seem to have a different way of calculating just which dances are the top ten.


It’s enough to make one’s inner domestic diva want to take off her tiara and eat bon bons!

Never fear, dearest readers, all twelve of you who actually read this blog…  I, the awesome, the fantastic, the studly, being the kind, generous, friendly, charming person that I am have set out to make sense out of that muddle of mish-mashy information and simply for you.  Can I have an amen?!

Ok, so, what I’ve done, is create two articles on Squidoo:

TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Summary of Top Ten Line Dance Lists

Cowboy Cat in full cowboy gear standing behind fence-SQUARE WITH BORDER (CC)What you’ll find on this page is a summary of all the Top Ten Lists that of which I keep track.  You’ll find a simple straight forward listing of the “Top Ten” dances from each list along with a link to the full list for that website.  Here is the blurb from the beginning of the the Review:

Welcome to TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Report of the Top Line Dances from ranking sites around the world.

Keeping track of all those line dances is a lot like Herding Cats which is why I created this summary page to make life a bit easier! (And why there is a photo of a cute Cowboy KItty. 🙂

Those wanting more information can follow the links to visit a “Detailed Report” for each site containing the “Top Ten” dances, links to the stepsheets, demo & walk-through videos, and the music for each dance.

[read the full review…]

TxCowboyDancer’s Best of the Best: The Hottest Line Dances in the World

TxCowboyDancer's Review of the World's Hottest Line DancesFor those folks who don’t even want to deal with the summary page in the List Review,  I’ve created a page where I only list those dances appearing on multiple websites.  Here is the blurb from the beginning of the artilce.

I monitor several line dance survey lists from different websites:

1. World Line Dance Newsletter
2. LineDancer Magazine
3. CopperKnob Line Dance Archive
4. Kickit Line Dance Archive

The following dances are ones which appear in the “Top Ten” lists on at least two of the four websites listed above, making them the most popular line dances on the planet!

HOTTEST — On all Four List
HOTTER — On Three of the Four Lists
HOT — On Two of the Four Lists
[Check out the dances listed in the article...]

So, there you have it,  I hope you enjoy my two summary lists.

If you want to see ALL of the articles I have over at Squidoo, you can check out my Profile Page where there is a directory of all 54 articles I’ve written so far.

See ya on the Dance Floor!

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