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A Case of Mistaken Identity: How I Became a St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Fan–Kinda Sorta

Me in St. Louis wearing my Cardinals Baseball CapDid you know that “Fan” is short for “Fanatic”?

There are fans, then there are FANS.

I am a fan but not a FAN Get it? Got if? Good! LOL

If you’re scrunching your face up, fear not my fellow baseball fan, all will become clear, just keep reading. 🙂

I enjoy baseball. If I’m going to watch any professional sporting event, then it will probably be a baseball game. And Baseball is just about the ONLY professional sporting event that I’ll actually spend money and time to go see, live, in person.

Among baseball teams, the St. Louis Cardinals are definitely my favorite team, which says something since I live in Dallas Texas and hereabouts there are a buncha Texas Rangers fans who don’t take kindly to folks who root fer them thar varmints who kinda whooped up a bit on the Rangers in a certain World Series matchup that Texans are still trying to forget.

Seeing as I am a Native Texan, rootin for the Cardinals is…

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Putting “Getting Fit and Healthy” into Perspective

An interesting comment at Worlds, sparks some deep thought and a very long blog post…

Backdrop on the stage at Worlds 2013While I was at the World Championships of Country Western Dance, I pretty much cornered anyone who would listen to me for more than 60 seconds and regaled them with my “plans for the coming year.”

Side note:  for those of you who want me to get to the point without my usual “Tony Ramblings”  *ahem*  Today’s topic is:

“trying to come up with an analogy that accurately encompasses the magnitude of someone’s effort to ‘get fit and healthy'”

Tigger bouncingBut saying it that concisely just sounds way to scholarly for my taste.  And it is Borrrring!  And way *not fun* and way “too brief”, so back to the ramblings of Tony’s Brain as I set up the picture for you.  🙂

So, at Worlds, I “trapped” lots of people and forced them to watch me make like Tigger as I bounced around in excitement and effused about my plans for the coming year!

Just in case you don’t know who Tigger is watch this video:

This enforced captivity on the part of my listeners at Worlds usually started off with the innocent and alluring sounding statement

“Did you hear my good news?  I won a spot on the US DanceSport Team!  China here I come!  then…

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