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Five Tips for the First Time Dance Competitor

Ballroom Dance Competitors Dancing in a ContestCongratulations! You’re already a winner!

I remember my first time competing. I have to confess, that I was very nervous which is really weird because I love being in front of people! That didn’t stop me from being nervous however. I still get nervous just before walking onto the dance floor for the first dance at every event. Truthfully, it feels like I gotta go to the little dancer’s room!

You laugh! But it’s true! And I’m not alone!

At my last competition, I was standing in line ready to go onto the floor for the first dance of the event; I was right behind this professional dancer who was in the same heat with his lady student and I overheard him say “I gotta go” with a wiggle and a stamp of his feet. The pro, to protect the very guilty, and because he’s a friend of mine, shall remain unnamed. I admit, I burst out laughing.

I said “You too?” He grinned this silly sheepish grin and replied that he always feels that way. He didn’t really need *ahem* “to go” and neither did I, but the nerves made it feel that way. So, I asked him, “You’ve been dancing for years now, you’re a ‘pro!’ Why do you still get nervous?” He laughed and said that no one ever stops getting nervous, they just learn to handle it better as time goes on.

So let me be the first to welcome you to the family of competitive dancers. To help you get to the point where you “handle it better” I’m offering five tips that…

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