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More thoughts on the “Fat Trap” (pt. 2) — Trying not to strangle skinny people…

Part 2 in a series discussing The Fat Trap

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I stumbled across a very interesting feature article when I was randomly clicking on links while browsing the web.

The Fat Trap / by Tara Parker-Pope,
12/28/2011 NYT Magazine

and it triggered something of a landslide of reaction and comments.

This blog post you are reading now is part two of my extended commentary on this most awesome article.

Keep reading if you like but things will make more sense if you jump back and read Part One first.

A moment to address “fat” and “fit” and the messy place half way between them

English is sometimes wonderful and sometimes it is awful.  And in this case it is awful.  Why? because in this case it Read the rest of this entry


“The Fat Trap” NYT Article — A proverbial fire under my butt

The last week of July, this year, I ran across an article…

Sparks…and it created an explosion in my head.

It was the proverbial match thrown onto a powder keg.

It was the key for a lock.

It was the AAA battery needed to make the toy work on Christmas morning.

It was the catalyst needed to make the chemical solution crystallize.

It was the final piece of the puzzle.

It was a trigger, the “thing” that got me moving again.  It was an epiphany.

Simply put, and all cliches aside, it was exactly what I needed to read at exactly the right moment.

The article presented some information which I already knew but in a different way AND far more importantly, it presented some information which was completely, absolutely, brand new to me.

Those few bits of new information put everything into perspective — suddenly everything just clicked into place.  I knew how I could move forward and succeed this time where so many times before I had tried and failed.

Lucky Link…

I have no idea what I was looking for when I found this article.  Seriously!  But something made me Read the rest of this entry

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