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Here’s your chance! Learn a line dance classic: “Waltz Across Texas” and “Come Dance With Me”

How line dances are created….

thinking headWhen a choreographer creates a new line dance it usually happens because, as they go about their daily routine of shopping, cleaning house, working, driving, picking up the kids from school, and so on, they hear a song on the radio…

…or on TV…

…or they are dusting their music collection, they notice an old favorite from their youth and BAM…

…dance steps start popping into their head!

And before you can say “5-6-7-8” all thought of housekeeping or errands or picking up the kids from school is quickly forgotten…

…and a few hours later, amidst the debris of forgotten chores, a new line dance is born.

Psssst…let me tell you a “Line Dance Secret”

You can dance line dances to music OTHER than the song the choreographer used.

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