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Taking action! — More thoughts on “The Fat Trap” (pt. 3)

Part 3 in a series discussing The Fat Trap

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I stumbled across a very interesting feature article when I was randomly clicking on links while browsing the web.

The Fat Trap / by Tara Parker-Pope,
12/28/2011 NYT Magazine

and it triggered something of a landslide of reaction and comments from me – more than would fit comfortably into a single post.

This blog post you are reading now is part THREE of my extended commentary on this most awesome article.

Keep reading if you like but things will make more sense if you jump back and read part one of the series:

 “The Fat Trap” NYT Article — A proverbial fire under my butt

 Then you should read part two

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So, if you’ve read parts one & two, then Welcome Back!  This is the final post in the series.


if you’ve not read parts 1 & 2 but you enjoy reading the end of mystery novels first, then keep reading

Either way… here we go!

People actually do succeed – Not many – but a few have managed to do it.

NWCR homepageThe thing that made this article different from others that I’ve read is that the author talked about some people who have managed to beat the odds.  They did it.  They lost the weight, got fit and MANAGED TO KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF AND STAY FIT!  

In fact, there is even a registry for people who have managed to succeed set up by Dr. Rena R. Wing and Dr. James O. Hill

The National Weight Control Registry tracks 10,000 people who have lost weight and have kept it off. “We [Dr. Wing & Dr. Hill] set it up in response to comments that nobody ever succeeds at weight loss,” … … “We had two goals: to prove there were people who did, and to try to learn from them about what they do to achieve this long-term weight loss.”

Hyper-Vigilance is the answer

You have to become “Obsessed” (in a good way) with maintaining a healthy body

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