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I Feel Special! — Someone Blogged about “Moi”

Just a really quick post to share this comment that I got on my guest book over on my Squidoo Profile Page / Lens List:

Profile PHoto for GreekGeek “Howdy Tex! I’m a damyankee, but my Mum was born in Tyler, so I smile a little wider when I see your username.

You asked me a good question the other day on my Zazzle graphics tutorial. I finally got around to answering it in my usual long-winded fashion on my Squidoo blog, here:

Ok, ok, so she really isn’t blogging about ME…  How-EV-UR!  I did prompt an entire blog post by another blogger with my humble innocent question..  Woo Hoo! Yeeeee Haww!  Uh-huh…  [doing a happy dance at my computer while I type one-handed and make circles in the air with my fist with the other hand]   I’d post a picture of this but I’m still on cup of coffee number one, I’d need three hands to be able to do all that and take the picture at the same time PLUS my hair is still in pre-shower stick out at all angles just got out of bed mode.  Not. A. Pretty. Picture.  But I digress…  I do that a lot actually.  Hmmm…  Moving on…  😉

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