I Feel Special! — Someone Blogged about “Moi”

Just a really quick post to share this comment that I got on my guest book over on my Squidoo Profile Page / Lens List:

Profile PHoto for GreekGeek “Howdy Tex! I’m a damyankee, but my Mum was born in Tyler, so I smile a little wider when I see your username.

You asked me a good question the other day on my Zazzle graphics tutorial. I finally got around to answering it in my usual long-winded fashion on my Squidoo blog, here:


Ok, ok, so she really isn’t blogging about ME…  How-EV-UR!  I did prompt an entire blog post by another blogger with my humble innocent question..  Woo Hoo! Yeeeee Haww!  Uh-huh…  [doing a happy dance at my computer while I type one-handed and make circles in the air with my fist with the other hand]   I’d post a picture of this but I’m still on cup of coffee number one, I’d need three hands to be able to do all that and take the picture at the same time PLUS my hair is still in pre-shower stick out at all angles just got out of bed mode.  Not. A. Pretty. Picture.  But I digress…  I do that a lot actually.  Hmmm…  Moving on…  😉

Here’s how she starts out the blog post:

Making Money Selling Zazzle Art on Squidoo

On my Want Graphics? Promote Zazzle Designs lens, our spiffy-hatted member TxCowboyDancer posted in the guest book:

“One question: Do you have a couple/three/four examples of “good lenses” that promote Zazzle?”

Diva Kitty (CC)My inner Domestic Diva is dancing around the room humming to herself with happiness!

I really love the “Spiffy-hatted” bit.  *GRIN*

So that, dear readers, all dozen of you reading this, is why I feel special this morning!


Oh!  oh!  Oh!  [hoping up and down in my chair]

Yesterday, Carol Cravens over at World Line Dance Newsletter put my email to her in the Newsletter.

SUBJECT: Squidoo Lens on the Top 10 Line Dances from World Line Dance Newsletter
FROM:  Tony New,
txcowboydancer@sbcglobal.net,  Dallas Texas
First and foremost, I wanted to say “Thank you” to Carol for doing such a wonderful job with the Newsletter and for running the Weekly Line Dance Survey. 
Her passion for line dance and her efforts knit all of us in the line dance community together, wherever we might be around the globe is truly awesome!    🙂   Bravo!  *applause*
Quick intro about me:  I also have a passion for dance in many forms but I have a special spot in my heart for line dancing because that is where I started out: as a line dancer.    I also have a passion for writing and I’m currently attempting to transform myself from “unemployed out-of-shape librarian” to  a “in-shape, full-time dance instructor and professional writer”.
With that in mind….
I invite you to visit an article I’ve written on Squidoo.com about the World Line Dance Newsletter where I talk about the top 10 Line Dances from Carol’s Weekly Line Dances:
In the article you’ll see the list of the top ten dances, of course, but I’ve also I’ve added links to the stepsheets, links to the videos, and links to the music for the top ten dances. There are also some fun polls and interactive bits and widgets.  🙂
I hope you enjoy it!  I showed it to Carol and she did.  🙂   And again, a big round of *applause* to Carol for her hard work!
“See ya on the dance floor!”
–Tony New
NOTE FROM CAROL:  Thanks, Tony, for the nice article.  I wish you much success with your writing and teaching!!

Wow!  I got a ton of folks who came from the Newsletter to take a look at my Squidoo post.  Yeee HAW!

Check out these Stats from yesterday:  #865 in Entertainment Category!!!!!!!  This lens is now my highest ranking lens!!!

Stats for Squidoo Line Dance Page ©

My Inner Domestic Diva added the arrows, Smileys and the highlighting.
I think I need to keep her away from the computer. 😉

“Lensrank” is where you rank.  So smaller is better.  The goal is to get into the top 100.  That’s where the money is.   Woot!  So, maybe this whole writing thing / dancing thing / avoid the 9-5 grind will actually work!

Woo Hoo!

Now I need more coffee.  Sluurrrrp.

See ya on the dance floor!  

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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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