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Announcing the start of a regular series here on my blog…

A new series…

American grunge flag

Image licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY

…where I announce the new designs appearing in my Zazzle Store.

Each time a post comes out it will have:

  • A large image of the new design (like the one to the right)
  • A bit of background on how the design came about (just below)
  • A few of my favorite products with the new design (just below that)

I’ll make these announcements when the first batch of products are ready for viewing.   Much later, months later, if I add a second batch of products using the same design, then I’ll make a second announcement for the same design.

Right now on my store I’m trying to get a LOT of new designs up fast because I need sales.

My 401k, which I’ve been living on since I lost my job last year is about to run out of money.  I have until Feb 1st, the date of the last 401k check to replace that income with something else.

Selling products on Zazzle is one of a dozen different things I’m trying.  So if you see something you like, then I really appreciate you buying the product.  If you don’t have the cash I would appreciate it if you hit those share and like buttons.  The more word gets spread about my store and the products there the more likely that someone will buy something.

Background on my latest design:
American Grunge Flag

Sleeveless T-shirt with American Grunge Flag available at TxCowboyDancer Designs

Sleeveless T-shirt with American Grunge Flag available at TxCowboyDancer Designs

The whole “grunge” thing seems to be a theme in T-shirt design right now.  It is the modern version of what Andy Warhol was doing with his “Pop Art” back in the day.

Some grunge art that I’ve seen is pretty good and a lot of it is just commercial wanna-be’s who are out to make a quick buck off of a trend.

I really like this design.  When I saw it after paging through literally hundreds of boring, mundane mind-numbing run-of-the-mill BLAH-ness on a graphics website..  (Is “blah-ness” a word?  If it isn’t it should be)

But I digress.  I do that you know…  So I’m looking through all these truly Snooze worthy images and  I hit the “next” button and went


Literally.  Aloud.  And then I went

YES! when I saw that the design was listed as CC 3.0.  (more about that later after the “more” button)

This design to me has a “rebel” feel while still being patriotic.  With the running drips of paint it is almost as if it is graffiti.  Think 1960’s and civil protest and civic involvement and well, it just rocks as a design on top of all that!  Woot!

My favorite products with the new design…

In complete honesty, when working on a new “design” for my Zazzle Store, I stick a new graphic on a lot of stuff and sometimes it looks, well, “ok,” in my humble opinion, (I delete the truly awful stuff) but let’s face it, the “just ok” stuff ain’t rockin’ my world.

But sometimes..  Wow!  it is awesome the design just “fits” the product and the result is kinda cool.  Those are the ones that I’m sharing here:


However… I also realize that there are a lot of different tastes out there on the Interwebz and one person’s “rockin it” is another person’s “ho hum.

So, these are the ones I like… but hey you may like some of the other stuff so click on one of the multitude of links in this article.  Didja catch that tongue in cheek humor?  I said “click on a link and conveniently provided the aforementioned link.  Ooopps!  I did it again.  *grin*  I crack myself up sometimes.

Ok, folks here is where the typical post in this series will end.  See, not too bad and the “typical post” will be even shorter because the format is now established.  Woot!  For those who want to read more on the whole Zazzle thing and copyright and other “behind the curtain” stuff, then clicky-clicky the More button.

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I Feel Special! — Someone Blogged about “Moi”

Just a really quick post to share this comment that I got on my guest book over on my Squidoo Profile Page / Lens List:

Profile PHoto for GreekGeek “Howdy Tex! I’m a damyankee, but my Mum was born in Tyler, so I smile a little wider when I see your username.

You asked me a good question the other day on my Zazzle graphics tutorial. I finally got around to answering it in my usual long-winded fashion on my Squidoo blog, here:

Ok, ok, so she really isn’t blogging about ME…  How-EV-UR!  I did prompt an entire blog post by another blogger with my humble innocent question..  Woo Hoo! Yeeeee Haww!  Uh-huh…  [doing a happy dance at my computer while I type one-handed and make circles in the air with my fist with the other hand]   I’d post a picture of this but I’m still on cup of coffee number one, I’d need three hands to be able to do all that and take the picture at the same time PLUS my hair is still in pre-shower stick out at all angles just got out of bed mode.  Not. A. Pretty. Picture.  But I digress…  I do that a lot actually.  Hmmm…  Moving on…  😉

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Weekly Feature Added, Morning Coffee, and Being Self-Employed

I’m Writing Over at too!

TxCowboyDancer on Squidoo ©Well, I think I’m finally getting the hang of writing on  Whew!  And one of the things I learned is that I can’t post exactly the same article here on my blog and on Squidoo.   So from time to time I’ll post a short blurb here to highlight what I wrote there.


I feel your pain.  My Inner Domestic Diva has gone back to bed and is cuddling with her bon-bons.

When you think about it for a couple of moments, though, it makes sense.  Squidoo is a business, they are there to make money to keep things running, pay the staff, and then donate the rest of it to charity so they don’t want duplicate content.  They want the original stuff.  The first run top-notch garbanzo beans.  The primo coffee as it were.     If  I were writing an article for a newspaper or magazine then I’d only be able to publish it in one place. Squidoo has no problem sharing the wealth in the interest of attracting high quality original content.  Which is where I come in.  I write, I attract readers, I get a share of the $$.


Which brings me to an interesting point.   I’m having great fun writing this BUT, I’m not doing it just for fun…

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