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Yee Haw!!!! — Over 10,000 Hits! and Some Fun, Strange Searches Which Led People to My Blog

My Blog has gone over 10,000 hits!

YeeHaw (CC)

It happened yesterday afternoon sometime.

I know, that some sites get that many hits in a day, but for me this is a pretty big deal.


Here’s the graphic showing the over 10,000 hits:

Over 10000 Hits ©2012

I’m generally getting between a 100 – 200 hits a day with a daily average for the current week of 166 hits per day.

Stats from blog 2012-06-12 ©2012

Fun and Strange Searches
Which People Have Entered:

One thing that WordPress does is track the search engine terms that people use to find my blog.  Read the rest of this entry

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