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Alas, my article has plateaued: “Books and Songs from the Rachel Maddow Show” is stuck in the mudd

Ok, I’m on my knees…

Books and Songs from the Rachel Maddow Show

One of the “fun” photos that are sprinkled throughout the article. This army major was one of Rachel’s escorts when she broadcast from Kandahar.

Getcher mind OUT of the gutter!  Not in that sense!  LOL

The article was going up and up and up.  But now has stalled and I need your help to get it going again.

There are almost 800 people following my posts, spread out among Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Feedburner.

All I need is each of you to follow the link to the article and let it load.

That would give me almost 800 hits on the lens.  That will take you about 10 seconds.

If you have 3 minutes to spare, I would love it if you could hit all the “like” and “share” buttons up at the top of the article after it loads.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, I would name my first born after you if you could scroll through the article and take all the polls and quizzes.

If you have 6 minutes to spare, I will dance naked in the rain in your honor, which since I live in Texas, and rain is generally accompanied by lightning and thunder and tornadoes, well…   nonetheless, when the guys in the white coats show up I’ll mention your name prominently.

Hmmmm… scratch that last bit.  LOL  Anyway, if you have six minutes to spare, then please leave a comment on the article in the Guestbook which is down at the bottom of the article

Here are the stats:


TRMS listing

Sample listing of the books and songs.  You can see that the article isn’t just a bibliography, there is info on the author, links to the band or author’s homepage or Wikipedia article and links to Amazon and iTunes if you decide you want to buy the book or song/album.

“Visits = the number of people to land on your lens.
Pageviews – the total number of times your lens has been viewed by visitors.

Visits this period: 235 visits
Pageviews this period: 390 pageviews
Pages/visit: 1.66   Lifetime visits: 235″

Note from lil ole me:  What this means is that of the 235 unique visitors, some of you folks have gone there more than once for a total of 390 visits!  Woot! 


Today’s Rank:

#18 — “Books, Poetry & Writing >> Books >> Reading Lists

#63 — “Books, Poetry & Writing >> Books

#99 — “Books, Poetry & Writing”

#4,536 — Overall (out of almost 3 million)

And this ranking is the result of only 390 visits from 235 people!  IMAGINE what the rank would be if I got almost 800 hits on the page today!  Swooon!  *pant*  *drool*

Here is a screen capture that shows how many folks have hit those like and share buttons.  The #141 count is for Facebook.  Which means the 235 folks who have gone to the page, 141 of them have hit at least one of the “like” buttons!   THANK YOU —  THANK YOU — THANK YOU!!!!

TMRS like buttons

Here is a graph from the “stats” area of the dashboard/management area for the article:

TRMS Chart

You can see that after steadily climbing in the ranks it has leveled off and now is basically flat.

So… there you have it.


Sample of one of the “Fun Fact” Trivia Quizzes sprinkled throughout the article

I now return you to your regularly scheduled workday or house chores or random Internet surfing.

This is going to be my last push for visitors.  I’ve done all the things that one should in trying to maximize SEO…  I’ve blogged about it.  I’ve posted on Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

I’ve gone to every Rachel Maddow Fan site and left messages and asked for cross linking.  The BIG spike in visits was the result of one of those fan sites Tweeting about my article.


But now that I’ve got all the books and songs listed back to Jan 1st it is time to put this article in maintenance mode, do the daily updates, and live with whatever level it comes to rest at.

But it sure would be nice to have a Tier 1 article (rank of 2,000 or less overall) because that is where the real money is *sigh*


Yee Haw!!!! — Over 10,000 Hits! and Some Fun, Strange Searches Which Led People to My Blog

My Blog has gone over 10,000 hits!

YeeHaw (CC)

It happened yesterday afternoon sometime.

I know, that some sites get that many hits in a day, but for me this is a pretty big deal.


Here’s the graphic showing the over 10,000 hits:

Over 10000 Hits ©2012

I’m generally getting between a 100 – 200 hits a day with a daily average for the current week of 166 hits per day.

Stats from blog 2012-06-12 ©2012

Fun and Strange Searches
Which People Have Entered:

One thing that WordPress does is track the search engine terms that people use to find my blog.  Read the rest of this entry

5-6-7-8 Has a New Address:

YeeHaw (CC)Welcome to


Yes sirre, it is official.  I done and got me one of them thar doe-manes.

So if you would be so kind as to update yer bookmarks
fer me, that would be right neighborly of ya.  Thank ya kindly.  🙂

And ifin this here is yer first visit, yer welcome to wander about tha place.
Make yerself at home.  Be sure to say “Howdy!” b’fer ya leave!

Do you know how hard it is to type in “Texan?”  LOL  All kidding aside, according to the help pages, the old URL will still work just fine so links to my blog using the old URL should smoothly transfer to the new domain with no problems.

Read the rest of this entry

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