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Driveshaft Drama: The Final Chapter–I’m a Papa!

Dude I gotta pee! ©2011It’s a boy!

Or a girl.

Ok, ok, it’s a TRUCK!

I know that ships are always “she” unless you’re Russian then ships are “he.”  But trucks can be a he or a she and I haven’t driven it long enough to figure out it’s personality or it’s gender.  But when I do, then I’ll have to pick out a name for it.  (Note added Dec 24th — I named it “Tonks”)

Regardless, it’s MINE!  All Mine!  (so are the payments, but we won’t ruin the moment by talking about those!)   I likes it though! I really really really REALLY likes it.  And, just so we keep this whole “he’s having truck problems” related somehow to “fitness and health”,  here’s the connection:..

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Driveshaft Drama: Preview of Coming Attractions

My New ToyOk, maybe my last post did set a new new record for “short blog entry” but this one will be shorter!  LOL

Here’s a photo of the truck I’m considering.  I go test drive the truck tomorrow at 2:30.

FedEx is delivering my loan papers tomorrow morning.  Woo Hoo.

2009 Toyota Tacoma.  Still under Factory Warranty.

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