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2011-12-22, Weekly Stats — Week 2

2011-12-22-Table ©2011This week I had a lot of drama involving my truck which absorbed all my energy.  The good news is:

  • I have a brand new truck!  And I’m loving every bit the “newness” of it!!!!
  • I don’t have to worry about breakdowns any more for 100,000 miles (bought an extended mechanical warranty) which means less stress and improved health.
  • I don’t have to worry about new tires for the next 3 years (bought a tire warranty) which means less stress and improved health.
  • I lost 1 pound from this week (Jenny Craig Weigh-in)
  • Lost .51 % Body Fat
  • Lost inches.

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Prepping For Week 1 or “The Third Time’s the Charm!”

Starting Line (CC)On your marks!



You would think that getting started on a fitness and health plan would be a simple 1-2-3 kind of process:

  1. Recognize you are out of shape and living unhealthy lifestyle
  2. Decide to do something about it.
  3. Do it!

Yeh, right.  Dream on boyo!

Week One (kinda) Back on Jenny Craig

Last week, on Dec 15, 2011 I finally kept an appointment at my local Jenny Craig Center.  It had been 4 1/2 months since my last visit.  Eighteen weeks of falling back into old habits of eating out and eating unhealthy.  Oh my!

So, I confessed my sins.

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Driveshaft Drama: The Final Chapter–I’m a Papa!

Dude I gotta pee! ©2011It’s a boy!

Or a girl.

Ok, ok, it’s a TRUCK!

I know that ships are always “she” unless you’re Russian then ships are “he.”  But trucks can be a he or a she and I haven’t driven it long enough to figure out it’s personality or it’s gender.  But when I do, then I’ll have to pick out a name for it.  (Note added Dec 24th — I named it “Tonks”)

Regardless, it’s MINE!  All Mine!  (so are the payments, but we won’t ruin the moment by talking about those!)   I likes it though! I really really really REALLY likes it.  And, just so we keep this whole “he’s having truck problems” related somehow to “fitness and health”,  here’s the connection:..

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Driveshaft Drama: Preview of Coming Attractions

My New ToyOk, maybe my last post did set a new new record for “short blog entry” but this one will be shorter!  LOL

Here’s a photo of the truck I’m considering.  I go test drive the truck tomorrow at 2:30.

FedEx is delivering my loan papers tomorrow morning.  Woo Hoo.

2009 Toyota Tacoma.  Still under Factory Warranty.

Driveshaft Drama: The Continuing Saga…

The dog broke it ©2011This is going to set a record for my shortest post ever.

  • I have found a new truck that I really like a 2009 Toyota Tacoma..  My #1 choice
  • I have financing (they’re verifying the information pending final approval, but I have the financing).
  • I’m negotiating the price (via email at this point)
  • I’ve scheduled a test drive of the truck for Wed.
  • I know what my old truck is worth as a trade in.
  • I have insurance estimates for my # 1 choice and my #2 choice.

If everything goes well, I may be driving a new truck by the end of the week.

See ya on the dance floor!

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