Secrets of a Line Dancer REVEALED! / Newsflash!–Join the fun at the LA Hayride!

Yee Haw!!  I’ve been added to the staff at the:

Louisiana Country Dance HayrideLouisiana Country Dance Hayride

– ON STAFF: Line Dance Coordinator
– ON STAFF: Teaching Line Dance Workshops

Alexandria, Louisiana
April 27 – 29, 2012

Ray Michiels – Event Director


WOO HOO!  I’m so excited to be headed to this event.  My friends have told me so much about it…the good food, the social dancing, the great time they’ve had there.  This will be my first time to attend.  I can’t wait!

A big “Thank you!”to Ray who asked me to be his Line Dance Coordinator.

Calling All Line Dancers!

Be sure to check the website for updates to the line dance schedule.  We’re working to bring you an awesome line up of great new dances and a couple of technique classes “just for line dancers.”  It is going to be a blast!

Calling All Line Dance Instructors!

If you are interested in teaching a line dance or line dance technique workshop, then use my contact form.

Calling All ProAm Students and Couples Dancers!

Secret Among Friends (CC)Pssssstttt!  I’m going to share a secret with you.  Just between you and me.  Don’t tell anyone… 

I started out as a line dancer.  When I started ProAm, the skills I acquired by line dancing were a significant factor and my secret weapon, through my whole first year as a Newcomer.  Those skills and a lot of practice time, eventually garnered me 3rd Place at Worlds that year… My very first year as a ProAm Newcomer and I was on the podium!

Consider these benefits that line dancing can bring to your couples and ProAm dancing.  The basic idea is When you line dance, you are doing it all….there is no one else to hang on to and help you out.  Because it is you and only you, you develop and improve your dance skills and then those skills transfer DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY to your ProAm and Couples Dancing!

  • Improved Balance
  • Improved Frame
  • Improved Arm Lines
  • Improved Turns and Spins  (Guys… I’m talkin’ to youse!)  😉
  • Improved sense of timing and rhythm
  • Better memorization skills for choreography
  • Hate drills?  Then why not dance it!  I hate drills with a purple passion!  But I love to dance.  Line dances are a repeating pattern, so each time you repeat the pattern, while dancing to music you get another chance to execute and practice technique.
  • Improved stamina….  Let’s face it, while rehearsing with our Pro or our couples partner is fun, how many times in the studio, do you really get your heart rate up to 60% or more of max.  Then at a competition, you’re all out of breath?  Sound Familiar?  But when you dance a line dance (as a technique improvement exercise — I *hate* the word drill!) then you areDANCING, burning calories, improving your stamina and cardiovascular health.

But, remember, this is a secret.  Just between us…

See you on the dance floor…   …at the Louisiana Country Dance Hayride!!!

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About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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  1. Your post made me laugh because my friend tries to motivate me to couples dance by telling me it sill improve my line dancing.


    • Your friend is absolutely correct! All dancing improves all other dancing! At least that’s what my coach tells me.


      Yesterday after my couples lesson, I told her that in my next private with her on Tue, I wanted to go step by step through the new UCWDC Advanced Rise & Fall dance and have her pull, poke, and prod me into the right shapes. I then commented that I had this crazy notion that doing so would allow me to then transfer the “correct” technique back into my couples dancing. She said in her fabuloulsy unbearable cute German/Russian accent “Well, da!” ROFL


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