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Line Dances Danced to ‘Wanted’ by Hunter Hayes

Wanted by Hunter HayesLine Dances Danced to the Song ‘Wanted’ by Hunter Hayes

This is the second in what will be a periodic series of articles. You can see the debut article in the series here:
[ Line Dances Danced to the Song ‘Pontoon’ by Little Big Town ]

Whenever there is a new #1 song on Billboard’s Country Songs Chart, I will gather all the line dances which have been written to that song and post an article here along with links to the music, step sheets, and videos showing demos and teaches of the dance(s).

I’ll also include information about the artist, the song, and the album with links where you can find more information on the artist.

I hope you enjoy the series. Now, introducing Billboard’s #1 Song: “Wanted / by Hunter Hayes” and the dances choreographed to the song.

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