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TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Line Dance Review posted for this week.

There Are a Lot of Line Dance Lists!

Image used with permission of the copyright holderThere are lots of places on the Web that track the “Top Ten” line dances on a weekly or monthly basis.

And every single one of the darn tootin’ thangs seem to have a different way of calculating just which dances are the top ten.


It’s enough to make one’s inner domestic diva want to take off her tiara and eat bon bons!

Never fear, dearest readers, all twelve of you who actually read this blog…  I, the awesome, the fantastic, the studly, being the kind, generous, friendly, charming person that I am have set out to make sense out of that muddle of mish-mashy information and simply for you.  Can I have an amen?!

Ok, so, what I’ve done, is create two articles on Squidoo:

TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Summary of Top Ten Line Dance Lists

Cowboy Cat in full cowboy gear standing behind fence-SQUARE WITH BORDER (CC)What you’ll find on this page is a summary of all the Top Ten Lists that of which I keep track.  You’ll find a simple straight forward listing of the “Top Ten” dances from each list along with a link to the full list for that website.  Here is the blurb from the beginning of the the Review:

Welcome to TxCowboyDancer’s Weekly Report of the Top Line Dances from ranking sites around the world.

Keeping track of all those line dances is a lot like Herding Cats which is why I created this summary page to make life a bit easier! (And why there is a photo of a cute Cowboy KItty. 🙂

Those wanting more information can follow the links to visit a “Detailed Report” for each site containing the “Top Ten” dances, links to the stepsheets, demo & walk-through videos, and the music for each dance.

[read the full review…]

TxCowboyDancer’s Best of the Best: The Hottest Line Dances in the World

TxCowboyDancer's Review of the World's Hottest Line DancesFor those folks who don’t even want to deal with the summary page in the List Review,  I’ve created a page where I only list those dances appearing on multiple websites.  Here is the blurb from the beginning of the artilce.

I monitor several line dance survey lists from different websites:

1. World Line Dance Newsletter
2. LineDancer Magazine
3. CopperKnob Line Dance Archive
4. Kickit Line Dance Archive

The following dances are ones which appear in the “Top Ten” lists on at least two of the four websites listed above, making them the most popular line dances on the planet!

HOTTEST — On all Four List
HOTTER — On Three of the Four Lists
HOT — On Two of the Four Lists
[Check out the dances listed in the article...]

So, there you have it,  I hope you enjoy my two summary lists.

If you want to see ALL of the articles I have over at Squidoo, you can check out my Profile Page where there is a directory of all 54 articles I’ve written so far.

See ya on the Dance Floor!


Looking for “Cruisin” Song Recommendations

There’s a Whole Lot of Dancin’ Goin’ On!

Line Dance Cowboy Boots (CC)

I posted a request to the World Line Dance Newsletter for people to send me the names of the songs that they use in their area to dance the “Cruisin” line dance.

If you have come here to my blog in response to the notice in Carol’s Newsletter, just put the name and artist of the song down below in the comments section.  Or you can use my “Contact Form” if you like.  Either way will get the name of the song to my email inbox.

If you’re a follower of my blog or follow me on Twitter, then I extend the same invitation to you.  Send me your favorite “Cruisin” song!  Woot!

After all the recommendations stop flooding in, I’ll compile the list and create a new article over on Squidoo and post the link to the article so that everyone can see all the songs that people use to dance this awesome dance!

Until then, enjoy this video of some folks dancing “Cruisin”

See ya on the dance floor!

I broke into Tier 1 with ‘What is the Best Song to use for the Tush Push Line Dance?’

Note (added on 07.01.2015) — This blog post was written when I was writing on a website called “Squiddo.”  The stats all refer to the article as it appeared over on that site.  The website no longer exists.  I’m leaving this here because, well I’m proud of those stats.

The good news is that I’m in the process of re-creating the articles I had on Squidoo here on my blog.  So here are three Tush Push articles for you to enjoy:

or if you want to read the old blog post keep scrolling…  🙂

I Finally Have a Tier 1 Article!

Awesome Thumbs Up Sketch (CC)I would never have thought that THIS article would be the one that shot up into Teir 1.

But it has.  Who knew!

That is thanks in part mainly to the readers of Carol’s World Line Dance Newsletter. 

She was kind enough to post a link to the article in the Newsletter and her readers have pushed my article up to the very top of the charts on Squidoo.

Today’s Stats / Rankings:

Ranked #1,045 overall
Ranked #50 in Entertainment
Ranked #2 in Entertainment >> Dance
Ranked #1 in Entertainment >> Dance >> Other Dance Topics

Diva Kitty (CC)There have been 430 visits to the page since I first published it on May 3rd.  Wow!  If every one of the people who follow my blog, my facebook page, twitter, etc, would go and visit the the article then hit all the social “share” and “like” buttons, I think I would swoon with excitement.

If you’ve never seen a 299 lb hairy man swoon, believe me it is quite a sight.  Then I would need, of course to fortify myself with a Mint Julip!  LOL

CHALLENGE!!!!  IF  the total number of hits goes from 430 to 700 by 10pm CST on Friday, I will upload a video to Youtube of me SWOONING!   That means that 270 of my 800 friends and followers want to see me make a clown of myself in public to go to the article and do the whole “clicky-clicky” thing (and maybe take some polls and leave comments?  [inserting pitiful hopeful look]

Excerpt from the introduction of my “Tush Push” article:

Line DancersAmong line dancers, there is one dance that reigns supreme: The Tush Push. This dance has been around since the very earliest days of the period where “line dances” became formally recognized as a separate and distinct dance genre.

Learning the Tush Push is a rite of passage for new line dancers. Having learned it, you are no longer a person who does a line dance on occasion at parties or weddings, you have become a “line dancer.” 🙂

Because the Tush Push has been around for, literally, decades, and because of the way the dance is structured, the dance can be danced to hundreds, if not thousands of songs.

Below you will see some fun polls, some cool photos, a bit-o-drama, and a list some music to which the Tush Push can be danced. VOTE for your favorite and if you don’t see your favorite, don’t be shy, let me know about it and…

[Read the rest of the article ]

See ya on the dance floor!

Line Dance Levels Explained, Defined and Demystified!

Goofy cartoon of a Line Dancer having fun dancingWhat are Line Dance Levels?

Asking “What are line dance levels?” feels a wee bit silly doesn’t it? I know that I felt a little strange asking the question. I mean, after all, the whole idea of “Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced” is a concept that most of us “get” right away.

It isn’t a silly question, of course.

Even though most of us can easily grasp the concept of a ranking system which starts with…

“so easy a baby could do it…”
…moves through “kinda in the middle someplace”
…and ends up at “you have GOT to be kidding me!”

…it is not easy to figure out exactly which dance goes where. It is quite a mess in fact! No wonder folks get confused!

Fear not fellow dancer, by the end of this short article you’ll be able to skim the workshop list at a dance event and decide with confidence which ones are right for you.

What most folks are really asking when they say “What are “Line Dance Levels?” is for more detail so they can then be able to sort the dances into their proper levels.

To put it another way, what people are asking is: “Where are the dividing lines between the levels and what steps are in each level?

Dance on my friend! Dance on!

[ Read the rest of the article ]

Worlds 2013 - Advanced Line Dance Male and Female divisions on the floor

Worlds 2013 – Advanced Line Dance Male and Female divisions on the floor — I’m the guy in black in the front

This is an article that has been on my “To do” list for quite a while.  And I finally got around to it.  Because I’ve been line dancing quite a while, I have a pretty good grasp of what the levels are, however, as I’ve started teaching line dance, I’ve discovered that for many people the levels are confusing.

So this article is an attempt to sort it all out.   I think it is pretty well written, but then I’m kinda biased.  LOL  Hmmm I wonder if I could get the judges at dance comps to let me judge myself?  wink

Anyway, the article explains about the different “levels” that choreographers assign to their line dances, and talks about how you can, uhhmmmm, judge for yourself whether or not something is really a “beginner” or if the dance should actually be called an “improver” or “intermediate”

As with all my articles I write, there is a wee bit of humor thrown in just for giggles and grins, some cool photos of folks dancing, and some fun polls.   I hope you enjoy it. 

[ Read the rest of the article ]


What is the best song to use for the Tush Push Line Dance?

Looking for Tush Push Songs?

Sorry about having you “click again” but the list was getting too long.  I had to split it into two lists:

SLOW Songs for the Tush Push

List of songs up to 139 Beats per Minute, an interactive poll where you can vote for your favorite song, and links so that you can preview the music.

FAST Songs for the Tush Push

List of songs from 140 Beats per Minute and up, an interactive poll where you can vote for your favorite song, and links so that you can preview the music.

Other Dance Articles relating to the Tush Push which you may enjoy:

Introduction to the Tush Push

Article that talks about the Tush Push’s popularity, has a step sheet, and instructional videos for the dance and a fun poll.

Hope you enjoy the articles!  🙂  Again, sorry about the extra “click through” but this particular page is indexed and linked to from sites all over the Internet and I didn’t want to have dead links out there.  Wouldn’t that be frustrating?

See ya on the dance floor!

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