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Updated stats for my article… It’s still going up but it’s not there yet!


Whoz da kittyThe stats just updated this morning and here is the new numbers:

Created it on the 12th
Overall Rank:  263,525 (on 13th)
Overall Rank:  33,113 (on 14th)
Overall Rank: 23,133 (on 15th)
Overall Rank: 18,493 (on 16th)
Overall Rank: 16,294 (on 17th)
Overall Rank: 14,100 (on 18th)  <<< TODAY

#502 in “Books, Poetry and Writing” and #62 in “Books >> Reading Lists” (on 15th)
#410 in “Books, Poetry and Writing” and #55 in “Books >> Reading Lists” (on 16th)
#359 in “Books, Poetry and Writing” and #48 in “Books >> Reading Lists” (on 17th)
#316 in “Books, Poetry and Writing” and #43 in “Books >> Reading Lists” (on 18th) <<< TODAY

For full details, check out yesterday’s post (keep scrolling down if you’re on my blog)  If not, then click this link to see all the gory details.

If you haven’t visited the article on squidoo yet, please do so and please share this with as many folks as you can.

I need to get the Overall ranking under 2,000, the smaller the number the better!


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I’m a writer! I’m a Squid! Woo Hoo!

Squidoo LogoOk, ok, I guess some explanation is needed.

A friend of mine contacted me the other day and said “Hey Tony, do you know just how fabulous your writing is?”  I blushed and replied, “Thank you you’re too kind…”  (while secretly wishing she would pay me more compliments…duh!)

She went on to say that a lot of the article s that I’ve done here on my blog actually could make me some money!  And since she knew that I’m currently unemployed as a librarian and trying hard to turn my passion for dancing and writing into a real live “make enough to pay the bills” kind of endeavor, she suggested that  I create an account at

Which I did and voila…  I’m a writer!  An unpaid writer as of this moment, but I’m following in a time-honored tradition…  😉

For those who are not familiar with Squidoo, the basic concept is that it combines the social media aspects of the Internet with the traditional aspects of the informative article.

Face it we all know stuff.  All of us have topics on which we can Read the rest of this entry

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