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Seismic Event Recorded in North Texas…

Seismograph [CC]… the tremor was felt throughout the blog-o-sphere.   One injury reported.

One good thing which blogging about my efforts to get into shape does is that it caters to my inner actor/performer.  As I move step by step forward on my journey toward fitness.  I get to share my successes and revel in the thunderous applause  [cue canned applause soundtrack]  😉

The bad part about blogging and sharing my experiences with the whole world, is that when I mess up, well, the whole world knows.  Or at least the dozen or so people who are actually reading this blog knows when I fall from grace.

Yes, it is true.  I fell off the fitness wagon.  The large bang heard throughout the North Texas area and ensuing earth tremor was not the cannons announcing the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, it was me.  Hitting the ground.  T-H-U-D!  Falling from grace.  Hitting the gutter.  Succumbing to temptation.  Crossing over the dark side.  I transgressed.  I frolicked with chocolate!  I was a baaaaaaaaaddd cowboy.  *sigh*

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