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Ways to Save Money on Jenny Craig Food

Jenny Craig (TM) Chips and SnacksThis may sound crazy but the way to save money when buying
Jenny Craig food is to….  [drum roll please] …

Don’t buy it!

Ta-Dah!  My work is done…

You may now resume your normally scheduled web surfing.

But wait, does my Inner Domestic Diva detect unrest among the teeming mass of six people reading this article?  Ok, ok, since you twisted my arm, I’ll elaborate.  🙂

Doesn’t take much to get me to elaborate does it?  😉

When I first started on Jenny Craig, I pretty much bought everything from the menu for the coming week.  I mean everything on the list.  When I got the total for the week, I was considering getting a second mortgage.  Which, let me tell you is serious business because I don’t even have a first mortgage!  Holy High Finance Batman!  Read the rest of this entry


Confessions, Bragging, and Losing Ten Pounds Without Trying


Good Me-Bad Me ©2011Forgive me dear readers for I have sinned.

I have been partaking of the chips (well, not whole bags full, I’ve eaten them as part of lunch with a sandwich)…

… and of the Chocolate Pecan Pie (though only a slice at a time)…

… and of the Jack in the Box (though I have been getting the Chicken Fajita Pita, the healthiest thing on their menu).

Yea though I seek to walk through the valley of the Non-Fat, I have partaken of the Half-n-Half (though only a little bit in each cup of coffee, not a third of the container at a time or anything like that!)…

… and the real cheese, both the sharp cheddar and the Swiss (though only a single slice on each sandwich).

I have strayed into the land of the Sonic (though I got the breakfast burrito with no bacon and two bananas)…

… and, I hang my head in shame dear breaheren and sistertheren,  “S-H-A-M-E! ” I say unto you!  For I have…

Read the rest of this entry

How do you get to Radio City Music Hall?

Radio City Music Hall [CC]I feel like the butt of that joke :
How do you get to Radio City Music Hall?”  And the answer is “Practice!”

Well today I did just that and it was an AWESOME PRACTICE!   I am such a “high” and want to share it with everyone!  No, I’ve not been taking drugs.  Hmmm..  Does an extra large diet coke from Jack in the Box count as “drugs”?  Well, if it does then that’s it, and that’s all I’ve had!  🙂

But I digress…  I do that don’t I?  LOL

Ok, ok, I just got home from a most AWESOME practice with my fabulous dance partner Donna.  We worked for just under an hour and a half on 40 beats of our Two-Step routine.  I don’t know how many steps that works out to because there were some syncopations involved.

All we were doing was going through every step, every move, very slowly and thoroughly and applying what we already know!  It is amazing how many things we were able to correct or fix simply by slowing down the process so we could dig through the memory banks and dredge up those things our coaches have already told us to do.  And *ahem*  [BLUSH] do what we’ve been told.  Then once we figured out what to fix, we did it over, and over and over and over and over.

I may be putting some teachers out of business here by depriving them of repeat business from inattentive students….  Read the rest of this entry

Seismic Event Recorded in North Texas…

Seismograph [CC]… the tremor was felt throughout the blog-o-sphere.   One injury reported.

One good thing which blogging about my efforts to get into shape does is that it caters to my inner actor/performer.  As I move step by step forward on my journey toward fitness.  I get to share my successes and revel in the thunderous applause  [cue canned applause soundtrack]  😉

The bad part about blogging and sharing my experiences with the whole world, is that when I mess up, well, the whole world knows.  Or at least the dozen or so people who are actually reading this blog knows when I fall from grace.

Yes, it is true.  I fell off the fitness wagon.  The large bang heard throughout the North Texas area and ensuing earth tremor was not the cannons announcing the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, it was me.  Hitting the ground.  T-H-U-D!  Falling from grace.  Hitting the gutter.  Succumbing to temptation.  Crossing over the dark side.  I transgressed.  I frolicked with chocolate!  I was a baaaaaaaaaddd cowboy.  *sigh*

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