Counting up the Small Victories

Man weighing himself on a scale [CC]Ok, confession time… …I’ve not exactly been a “good boy” since coming back from Worlds.  So, this past weekend, I got myself moving again, figuratively speaking.

I also have let you know that it is TOUGH getting moving in a positive direction after after falling back on old habits!  Yes, friends and neighbors, breaking a downward spiral is tough.  Really tough.  I found myself thinking today “Gaining weight and getting out of shape is easy; loosing weight and getting into shape is hard.  Very hard.”  [Watch for a coming post on the difference between “being overweight” and “being out of shape”.  They often are used synonymously but they are actually two different things.

Tanita ScaleSo here I am, looking at the numbers this week on the scale and NOT feeling great about the numbers I’m seeing.  I track both weight and body fat by weighing twice a day.  For body fat, I use the TBF-531 Body Fat Monitor/Scale by Tanita.   It uses the electrical impedance method of measurement.

Omron Body Fat MonitorI also use the Omron Fat Loss Monitor HBF-306.  I take two measurements in the morning, one from each device and then average the  numbers.   And then I repeat the measurement in the evening, giving me four measurements per day.  I weigh in twice a day and average those two numbers as well.

Well, that’s how I track my progress when I’m actually *ahem* tracking my progress and I haven’t been regularly *AHEM* tracking my progress (or lack thereof) since Worlds.  Which brings me back to my original statement at the beginning of this entry “I haven’t been a good boy since Worlds”  *SIGH*

So.  Hello mild depression. Glad to meet you, let you introduce you to my good friend “mild frustration.”  Oh you two know each other?  I thought you might.   *SIGH*

So what to do?  AHA!  Start looking, not at the things that *haven’t* gone as planned this week but start listing the things that have gone better this week than in the weeks since Worlds!  YAY!  GO Team Tony!  🙂

So, here is what I’ve done this week (Since Sunday) that are on the positive side of the scale (pardon the pun).

  1. I’ve been more focused on “getting back into shape” meaning that instead of the state of things languishing in a vague “oh, I’ve got to do something about that…”  kinda thing, with no action things are actually happening…I am actually doing something about getting into shape!
  2. I have weighed in every morning and every evening since Monday.  Yay me!  That may seem like overkill but for me, that quantity of feedback is necessary.  We all have weird mental kinks.  [watch for a later blog post on how much feedback and monitoring is too much monitoring…yes, I really am making a list of possible blog post topics…I promise.]  Anyway, for me, this steady sequence of measurements is good in a couple of ways.  It is allowing me to get accurate data on my current fitness level and it is providing a regular reminder that I’m on a journey here to a healthier me, so if I’m going to get to my destination, I’ve got to remain focused. In other word, the twice daily measurements are actually a tool that helps keep me focused.
  3. I am back on Jenny Craig…almost.  I had my first office visit in three weeks last night.  I had been going in on Mondays during my dinner hour (I work second shift on Mondays).  But that has not been working out because of the work load at work.  My new work reality (stress and lots of it, work and lots of it) means that I can’t be certain of going to lunch at a consistent time.  So, I have moved my weekly JC appointment to Thursdays right after I get off work.  Hopefully this new time will allow going into the Jenny Craig office for my weekly weigh in and to get the Jenny Craig food for the week to actually happen on a consistent and routine basis.  So…I do digress don’t I?  Hmmm where was I?  Oh, yeah….today, Friday, I’m not “on the menu” but I start on Saturday.  I went by Whole Foods last night on the way home after leaving the Jenny Craig office and got groceries for the week.  So tonight, I clean out the Frig and the Pantry and I’ll be set to start (and stick to) the Jenny Craig Menu for “Week One” starting Saturday morning.
  4. I reduced the number of times I ate out this week.  Before Monday, I was eating out twice a day (sometimes 3 times a day) at least 5 days a week.  This week, since Monday, I’ve eaten out only 3 times.  Still not where I’ll be next week (on the JC menu and no eating out at all) but better than I was the week before.

So..while not an angel, and not where I need to be, I’m doing better this week than I did during last week.

Small steps.  One step at a time.  And counting the small victories.  These small steps will lead to other small steps which will generate positive energy feeding back into itself and generate positive forward momentum toward a healthier me.

See ya on the dance floor!


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