Day one on Jenny Craig… …again!

My breakfast July 16, 2011 ©Okay, dear readers, my last post was bemoaning how difficult it is to get moving again after metaphorically “falling off the wagon”.  To continue that theme, let me tell you how the last couple days have gone for me.

Thursday, I went to the Jenny Craig Center for the first time in almost three weeks.  I work second shift on Mondays, Noon – 9p, so I had been going on Mondays  during my dinner hour for my weekly weigh-in and to get my week’s food for the coming week’s menu.  I’ve missed several weeks though because my work situation though has interfered; we’ve been very very busy at work and I’ve not been able to get away to dinner at a consistent time on Mondays.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, I called the Jenny Craig Center and compared calendars and discovered that they had a Thursday opening at 6:30p.  Since I get off work at 6p on Thursdays that works great.  And since I have no dance rehearsals or lessons scheduled on Thursdays, that means I can go straight from work, to the Jenny Craig Center and then straight to Whole Foods where I can then shop for other food items I need to complete the menu for the coming week and then straight home to put everything neatly away!  Go Team Tony!  🙂

Of course, any change like this creates a domino effect.  Change one thing and a whole host of other things need to change along with it.  My spreadsheet where I track my weight was (until this morning) set up on a Tuesday-Monday “week” with my Jenny Craig weigh-in happening on “Monday” making “Monday” the *end* of the week as far as tracking my fitness level is concerned.  So, I’ve spent a couple hours this morning updating dates, fonts, and charts to adjust the spreadsheet to track a week that is Friday through Thursday rather than Tuesday through Monday.  Whew!

And… (are you starting to get the drift of where this post is going dear readers?)  And… Since the temperature here in Dallas was 103°F Thursday, I couldn’t leave my Jenny Craig Food in my truck while in Whole Foods because the frozen food would be thawed and some of the dry foods would have been melted when I came back out.  So into Whole Foods I went carrying two bags of Food.  I swing by the customer service counter to show them my bags of food that I’m bringing *into* the store with me (and garnering some strange looks) until I explained what was going on…  Fast forward to where I’m checking out and headed home.  I get all the food upstairs and I am pooped!    Let me tell you my knees can feel the extra weight and increased pressure from a couple bags of groceries.  So I’m tired, I’m hot, I’m sweaty and I’m hungry.  I throw the food into the pantry and frig.  Throw.  Not put a way neatly as planned.

Now… the “menu” is scheduled to start on Friday.  So that means to start it I need time to actually chop veggies for salad, split cookies and cheese curls etc into snack bags for the correct sized portions, and so on and so on.  As I’m taking my (not JC approved  dinner back to my room to eat) my room mate (and best friend…not husband…I’m single available and looking so spread the word)  Anyway, my best friend asks me if I can take him to the airport Friday morning.  Ugh.  He’s my best friend so of course I say “yes” thinking to myself that so much for starting the menu on Friday because to both take him to the airport and to prepare breakfast and lunch means getting up an extra hour early.  I am NOT a morning person.  Nuf said.  So I mentally adjust “day one” of getting back onto the JC menu to Saturday instead of Friday.

Whew!  Still with me?  I figure that I can do the food prep and clean the frig and pantry etc on Friday night after work.  Yeh, right!  ROFL!  What actually happened was that I came home and fell asleep around 8 and slept for almost 12 hours.   So here we are, Saturday morning, rested, alert (after my second cup of coffee) and officially into “Day One” the Redux of being on the Jenny Craig program.  Yay Team Tony!

So far so good:

  • I’ve updated my fitness spreadsheet this morning to take into account…
    • …the higher than expected weight at my Jenny Craig weigh-in: 262.8 lbs
    • …and the change in the week from Tue-Mon to Fri-Thu
  • I fixed my breakfast exactly according to the Jenny Craig Menu for Week One, weighing and measuring everything.
    • I confess that I have two “permanent” cheats:
  • And I’m updating my blog.

So far so good.  Here’s to the start of the journey toward a healthy me.  Here’s to the breaking of the downward spiral I was on and creating positive momentum carrying me forward!


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