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Buyer Beware! or… “Why isn’t anything ever easy?”

Ok… all together now…

Snake Oil SalesmanSiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

There.  Feel better?  I do!

Why can’t companies just leave their products alone when there is nothing wrong with them?  Hmmmm?

Why do they have to go and fiddle with it when it ain’t broke?  Hmmmm?

Why?   SIGH  Wondering why I’m carrying on about?  Well I’m glad ya asked!

Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck

I know, it’s an old joke but there is an element of truth in it.  I used to shop at Whole Foods for just about everything back when I was working 40 hours a week as a librarian.

But now, living on a fixed income plus whatever bits and scrapings I can pull in from doing surveys, and micro-tasking and, selling my graphic designs online and writing and…Whole Foods Stevia Extract

Well, you get the idea.  I can’ afford to shop at Whole Foods.  I like Whole Foods but I can’t afford to shop there.

However… there was one item for which I’ve been going to Whole foods to buy once a month: Stevia Extract, the 365 Brand which is Whole Foods “store brand.”

But as I said in the title “Why isn’t anything ever easy?”

Those Pesky Additives

I’d never really looked at the ingredients of the Stevia I bought from Whole Foods closely but this week I did and I was SHOCKED: Read the rest of this entry


Hey Jenny! I’m baaaaaaacccccccckkkkkk!

Cat Calendar ©2011This Past Week

On the work front: I did a lot of work.  It is amazing how hard you have to work before leaving for vacation.  And it felt good.  I got a lot accomplished.

On the personal front: I did a lot of thinking and planning:

  • I’ve been struggling with how to incorporate HAES into my own journey to fitness and I had a revelation.  Read all about it in these two posts: “What is Health?”  and “Where is the ‘Me” in Health? — After all, it is all about ‘Moi’!
  • I have a new truck.  A new truck which I love.  But that thar new baby is a catterwaulin’ and demandin’ hard earned dollars on a reg-ul-LARH basis.  Akshulee, my new baby has been purfect, but them thar nasty wall street banker fellas, they are down right ornery!  And they want me to send them part of my check each month for the next five years.  *sigh*  Which means that I’m been working through next year’s budget to see how much dance I can afford.  The short answer is a whole lot less than I want.  *sigh*  (Special note to any event directors that may be reading this — I work cheap! I’d love to be on your line dance staff!  Hint, hint, hint!)

Read the rest of this entry

Revel and Rejoice in the Little Things…at 4am Ssssnnnzzzz

Not a morning cat ©2011Ok, confession time, I feel awful right now.  As in this second. 

Right this very minute! 

Why do I suddenly feel like I’m on the set of Mame and everybody is about to break into a round of “We need a little Christmas?”  Hmmm….

But I digress…

I didn’t sleep very well last night at all.  I went to bed on time, 11:30pm and my alarm was set for 6:30am.  (Allow me to insert a momentary aside…after much thought and evaluation of my daily routine and weekly work schedule, I decided that if I wanted to be consistent in when I go to bed and get up, that (1) 7 hours of sleep is the most that I can count on as a consistent routine thing; and (2) I forget what two was.  I need more coffee.)

But I digress…

Read the rest of this entry

Rejoice and Revel for it has been a good week!

I iz Awesome ©2011Let the reveling and rejoicing begin!  🙂  Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!  (doing a chair dance and the circle your fists in the air thingie!)

Ok, ok, ’nuff silliness already!  This is serious stuff here!  😉 I’m following my own advice and rejoicing in the little things.  Because those little things eventually add up and “Voila you have met your goal!”

This has been a good week!  And I’ll get to check off some of the things on my “Check List“.  So in no particular order, let’s get on to the recap.

The switch has been flipped…

The gauntlet has been thrown, the tide has turned, the balance has shifted, midnight has past, and the dawn has begun; a lot of what I’ve been doing over the past month, but especially this past week is happening in my brain rather than in the “real” world.

Thinker (CC)In other words: I’ve been “thinking” a lot.  And it hurtz!  Owie!  I needz somebodies to kiss itz and makes itz bettersz. (Preferably some hunky guy in a speedo–Yummy!)  *AHEM*  But I digress…  😉  Back to the topic at hand…

It boils down to this: (1) Being healthy is now my top priority and (2) creating positive momentum is vital to working on that priority.

My health and fitness, or current lack thereof, affects everything in my life.  EVERYTHING.  It seems simple doesn’t it and very rational to make  the thing that affects everything else in your life your top priority?  Sounds good to me!  Sadly, in life, the things that seems conceptually simple are actually incredibly complex and difficult to execute.

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My first week back on Jenny Craig

good and bad meThis past week was a mix of goals met and goals missed.

On the “positive” side:

I did not eat out at any fast food place or restaurant all week.  Yay!  Woo Hoo.  Go Team Tony!

I weighed myself morning and night so now I have full week of good data rather than estimates.  Uh-huh!  Uh-huh!  Who da man?

I increased the amount of exercise that I’ve been doing, adding  extra practices with my dance partner.  Yay!  Yippee!  Yee Haw!

I followed the Jenny Craig menu for lunches and for breakfast.  Yay Me.  Woo Hoo!  Happy Dancing!

I ate the foods I bought at Whole Foods.  I try to buy organic, locally grown, foods. Bravo!  Yay Me!

I took my bicycle to Bicycles Inc and had it serviced so it is now ready to ride.  Tires aired up!  Chain lubed.  Brakes checked.  Woo Hoo!

On the “not so positive” side:

I did not actually weigh and measure all the foods that I ate.  I tried, and think I succeeded, in keeping the portions about right but I didn’t actually do the measurements.  Goal for this week:  actually do the measuring.

I did not ride my bike on the weekend as I had planned.  Which is a shame.  The Katy Trail runs right by my house.  Goal for this week: ride my bike at least one time.

I did not eat the dinners that were on the Jenny Craig menu.  This was by design though.  I had food in the pantry and freezer that I did not want to go to waste, so I watched the portions and tried to make the calories come out right.  Nonetheless, I didn’t follow the JC menu.  Goal for this week: stick strictly to the Jenny Menu.

I did not do my “Program before the Program #1”.  There is this really good book called “Getting in Shape” by Bob Anderson, Bill Pearl, Ed Burke, and Jean Anderson (ISBN: 0936070161).  They have a new edition of the book called “Getting Back Into Shape” which includes an additional chapter on running.  Visit their website for more info.  The book has 32 programs designed to get you back into shape or into shape as the case may be.  The programs start off very easy; the idea is that folks who are out of shape should start off easy because well, they are out of shape.  Research as shown that often people try to do too much too quickly, get discouraged and quit.  Hence the “Program before the Program 1, 2 and 3″ which feature light easy stretching, light easy lifting and movement”.  Well, I didn’t do the stretching and lifting parts.  the movement part, I do during my dance lessons and practice.  So… Goal for this week: do the lifting and stretching parts.

So my goals for this week are:

  1. Keep doing the good stuff!  Yay me!
  2. Stretch & Lift (Program before the Program #1)
  3. Ride my bike at least 1 time.
  4. Stick strictly to the Jenny Craig menu, weighing and measuring everything. (except for my Birthday dinner which actually took place yesterday — a friend took me out for my birthday.)

See ya on the dance floor!

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