Copperknob Top Ten List Updated 4-9-2013

Top Ten Most Popular Line Dances from the Copperknob Line Dance ArchiveTop Ten Line Dances from the Copperknob Line Dance Archive

Updated: Tuesday 04/06/2013 —  This week’s Top Ten:

#1 (1455 Views) ~Give it a Go / Ria Vos
#2 (1185 Views) ~Trespassing / Darren Bailey and Fred Whitehouse
#3 (962 Views) ~People Help The People / Darren Bailey, Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn, Pim van Grootel, and Roy Verdonk
#4 (860 Views) ~Slapstick / Tina Argyle
#5 (850 Views) ~Late Night Call / Kate Sala
#6 (840 Views) ~Boom Sh-Boom / Rachael McEnaney
#7 (769 Views) ~Rhythm of The Night / Simon Ward
#8 (681 Views) ~When I Was Yours / Craig Bennett
#9 (668 Views) ~Wagon Wheel Rock / Yvonne Anderson
#10 (662 Views) ~Gleefully There / Rachael McEnaney

To see the videos, read the stepsheets, preview the music, and have fun with some cool polls, jump on over to the full article:


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