Kickit’s “Best Known” dances updated for the Month of April

Best Known Line Dances from the Kickit Line Dance ArchiveTop Ten “Best Known” Line Dances from the Kickit Line Dance Archive

Updated: April 2013 —  This MONTH’s Top Ten:

#1 ~Come Dance With Me / Jo Thompson
#2 ~Tush Push (a.k.a. Push Tush) / Jim Ferrazzano and Kenneth Engel
#3 ~Cruisin’ / Neil Hale
#4 ~Electric Slide / Unknown
#5 ~Watermelon Crawl / Sue Lipscomb
#6 ~Chill Factor / Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead
#7 ~Bosa Nova / Phil Dennington
#8 ~Wave On Wave / Alan G. Birchall
#9 ~Dizzy / Jo Thompson
#10 ~Rio / Diana Lowery

These are the dances which are known by more line dancers around the world than any others.

To see the videos, read the stepsheets, preview the music, and have fun with some cool polls, jump on over to the full article:



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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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