Copperknob Top Ten List Updated 6-4-2013

Top Ten Most Popular Line Dances from the Copperknob Line Dance ArchiveTop Ten Line Dances from the Copperknob Line Dance Archive

Updated: Tuesday 06/04/2013 —  This week’s Top Ten:

#1 (1847 Views) ~Blurred Lines / Rachael McEnaney and Arhay Centeno
#2 (1067 Views) ~Heart On A String / Kate Sala and Vivienne Scott
#3 (1054 Views) ~Never Say Never / Scott Blevins
#4 (930 Views) ~Celtic Teardrops / Maggie Gallagher
#5 (882 Views) ~Good Girls Gone Bad / Rachael McEnaney
#6 (828 Views) ~Put Your Hands On Me / Debbie McLaughlin
#7 (732 Views) ~Booty Chuk / Scott Blevins and Lou Ann Schemmel
#8 (722 Views) ~It Don’t Matter / Joey Warren
#9 (706 Views) ~Sippin’ on Southern / Guyton Mundy and Will Craig
#10 (692 Views) ~Sleep / Kate Sala

To see the videos, read the stepsheets, preview the music, and have fun with some cool polls, jump on over to the full article:

See ya on the dance floor!


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