I’m having an Online Garage Sale

My Inner Domestic Diva has gone Crazy!

My Inner Domestic Diva - Ready for Action!She has declared war on the legions of dust bunnies inhabiting my living space and has threatened an INTERVENTION!

She said that if I didn’t help her de-clutter the place and get rid of some of the junk that has been taking up space that she was going to call the booking agent for that reality TV show about hoarders and turn my name in!

Since I can’t abide reality TV shows, and she was about to throw her tiara at me…  I gave in.

You can see the full gamet of what I’m selling over at Pinterest where I’ve created a board called “My Online Garage Sale”  Clever title isn’t it?  🙂

Once there you can click on the photo and that will take you to either Amazon or to eBay where you can then either bid or buy the item of your choice.

Some fun stuff… …it’s a Garage Sale after all.  LOL

garage sale

What are you waiting for… hop on over and go rummaging!

All kidding aside… …I need the cash in a bad way.

cardboard_blankI really do need to clean out the storage closet.  By selling a bunch of stuff that I haven’t even looked at in years, I’ll be able to move what remains to a smaller unit and save some bucks on the rent.

However, I’m also doing this bit of “fall cleaning” because I really do need the cash.  My truck insurance is due on the 16th.  Urk and I’m $69 short.  And after that there is…

well, I think you get the idea.


Stuff Tony NeedsIf you don’t feel like shopping for yourself, you can always shop for me!

I’ve created a “wish list” of things I need but don’t have the money for right now over on Amazon.

Anything on the list (some stuff is under $5) will be shipped to me as a gift.

And I will be EVER so grateful!

See ya on the dance…  Uhmm… See ya at the Garage Sale!


About TxCowboyDancer

Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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