Tony’s Tip No.8 — Do Life! not “exercise”!

Incorporate “movement” into your life…


Some of my “tips” are ones that I actually come up with myself.

Some of the “tips” I share here are ones that come to me from various “Health & Ftness motivational” lists that I’ve signed up with at Walgreens, WebMD, my health insurance company, a website called “RealAge” and a few others.

The tips come to me as tweets or emails.

I got this one a couple days ago. . .

Do at least one active lifestyle activity this week.  Try working in the yard, washing the car. Walking to do an errand or cleaning.

. . .and my reaction was:


Hey, I realize that it isn’t their fault that their advice arrived too late.  It is still great advice.

And it is exactly what I have been doing since I started my Journey to Health & Fitness back in the last week of July of this year.

I am determined to NEVER exercise EVER again!

I am determined, instead, to incorporate movement into my life.  Exercise will not be something I do “as a separate thing.”  Exercise is not something that I will ever “go do.”  I’ll never “go exercise.”

Instead, I’ll live my life! I’ll do laundry.  I’ll load the dishwasher.  I’ll clean up around the house.  I’ll dance at home and/or in the studio.  I’ll chair dance when a great song comes on my iTouch.

I’ll go get groceries.  I’ll walk to the park and enjoy the day, looking at the turtles in Turtle Creek and the ducks and watch the yummy construction guys building the new ramp up to Katy Trail.

Are all those things which move my body.  And NONE of them are exercise for the sake of exercise.

Keeping track

Because that movement is actually exercising my body, I do want to keep track of it.  So I use a pedometer to count my steps, and wear it all day long.  I bought a low cost made by a company I trust, Omron.  Here’s a pic of it:

Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer, Black

It has a seven day memory so if I forget to record a day’s steps into my Excel Spreadsheet, then it is no big deal, I can do it the following day.

See ya on the dance floor!

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