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THREE Good Articles I had to share…

This is a quick follow up to this mornings post where I was talking about finding good data on which to set fitness goals: Once More Dear Friends

I did some more searching and found two articles written by the same guy on the same website.  I’ve visited his site before and even emailed him once with a question which he graciously answered.  So, I believe that the information on his site to be very reliable.  Here are the two recommended articles for your further reading enjoyment:

Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart: How Lean Should You Be?


Body Fat Percentage Pictures Of Men & Women

and… brace yourself because here is the ABSOLUTE BEST ANSWER I’ve found to the question “How much should I weigh?”

Step 1 — decide what body fat percentage you want to be:

Body Fat Percentages


I want to be between 10-12%

Step 2 — go weigh yourself

I weigh 320 lbs as of this morning (down from my heaviest of 332 but still very large)

Step 3 — figure out your current body fat percentage.

I have a body fat of 40.65% as of this morning (down from my fattest at 43% but still way too much body fat)  FYI 40.65% is .4065 in decimal notation.  If you are not good at math then google “How to convert percentages to decimal” but basically the short way to convert from a percentage to a decimal is by removing the percentage sign and moving the decimal point 2 places to the left thus 40.65% = .4065

Step 4 — Calculate your Lean Body Mass (LBM):  Total Weight x (100-Body Fat percentage) = LBM

Using my numbers >>> 320 x (1 – .4065) = 189.92 >> round up to 190 lbs

Step 5 — Use the following formula to get your goal weight:  Lean Body Mass/(1 – Desired Body Fat Percentage) = Goal/Ideal weight

Using my numbers >>>  190 / (1 – .10) = 211 on the low end

Using my numbers >>> 190 / (1 -.12) = 216 on the high end

So… [drum roll please]  My goal weight is 211-216 lbs.  Which is bullpoop!  Based on my personal experience when I was that fit in the past, my goal weight should be 185-195.  So…  I’m guessing that the body fat percentage given to me by my scale is off.

I guess I’ll have to get a professional BF evaluation done!  Stay tuned for future updates.

But the good news is that at least my numbers in my spread sheet match what the numbers that a pro fitness guru dude says they should be!  For the full article from which I got this formula check out:

Ideal Body Weight Formula: How to Calculate Your Ideal Weight



See ya on the dance floor!


Once more dear friends…

Mea Maxima Culpa

Good Me-Bad Me ©2011Yes, I know this blog is supposed to be mainly about me getting healthy again.

Yes, I know that I’ve been on and off the “live healthy” wagon so often that I should be getting frequent flyer miles (if I mix my metaphors momentarily) << say that aloud it sounds cool!

Yes, I know that I have been very much NOT blogging of late.


So I’m going to share some stuff with you which I’ve been doing this morning.  I’m doing this “stuff” this “morning” because my THIRD monthly visit with my most awesome doctor: Karen King is fast approaching and I want to be able to truthfully tell her that I’ve begun the very long process to get healthy again.  Woot!

When I went on my first visit to her back at the beginning of May, I told her that I needed help getting healthy and asked her to put me on a medically supervised weight loss plan.  Which basically amounts to coming in every month to weigh in and have her give me a mini-check up and monitor things so that I don’t actually end up doing myself injury as I try and get healthy.

I have Type 2 Diabetes

Hi, my name is Tony.  I’m a Diabetic.

and the teeming masses say “Hi Tony

Kinda scary actually.  I freaked a little bit when I found out.

My doctor says that Read the rest of this entry

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Progress Photos: 2014.10.17

Photo on 10-17-2014 at 3.05 PM Side by Side

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