Dance Swag for Sale – Dallas Dance Festival Clock

Dallas Dance Festival Clock

I’m De-cluttering my life.

And I’m getting rid of all the “Dance Swag” from the events I’ve attended which have been sitting in my closet collecting dust… …asking $5

Close up of the Logo and Event Name

Close up of the Logo and Event Name


This is one in an ongoing series of posts over the next couple weeks; all this things are “prizes” or

“souvenirs” or “participant” gifts given to the competitors at various dance events.

Dallas Dance Festival is the largest UCWDC event outside of Worlds.  It is often referred to as the “Dress Rehearsal for Worlds”

Collectible Souvenir Analog Clock
Dallas Dance Festival (Dallas, Texas)
An UCWDC Event — United Country Western Dance Council

  • Silver finish
  • Modern clock face design
  • Clock has a “Second” hand
  • Runs on one AA Battery (not included)
  • Quartz Analog
  • Embossed with the logo and name of the Dallas Dance Festival
  • 5″ wide
  • 4.75″ tall
  • 1.5″ deep
  • The circular clock face sits on two pins which allow it to be adjusted to any angle 360 degree rotation.
  • Clock weighs 8 oz

Never used – in pristine condition

This was one of the prizes given to dance competitors at the Dallas Dance Festival.  — I can’t remember which year.  Sorry.

The clock is in perfect condition – in complete working order.  I tested it with a battery before listing it here.

I brought it home from the contest and never used it.   I’m cleaning out my storage unit and found it.  Don’t need it so I’m selling it.

Willing to negotiate. Make a serious offer. — Use the form below to contact me — I will not refuse any reasonable offer!

Did I mention that I really need the money?  Oh, I did? Then good!

— If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area, you can pick it up in person (cash only)

— If you are not in the DFW area, or if you don’t want to pick it up, then I am willing to ship to anywhere in the US or Canada.  Use the form below to contact me. I’ll email you back to let you know the total cost including shipping and the 4% PayPal processing fee.  If you agree, I’ll send you an invoice to your email address.  You do not have to have PayPal account, only an email address; you can pay using any major Credit Card.

UCWDC is the “United Country Western Dance Council” and is the governing body which sanctions Country Western Dance Events around the world. The UCWDC is a member of IDSF and is recognized by the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, as the official competitive body for Country Western DanceSport.







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Professional Dance Instructor teaching Country, Ballroom, Swing, Latin and Line Dance. Eleven time Country Dance World Champion.

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