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Yes, I know the place is a mess — The tech guys are working on it!

Update on July 27th — the problem is fixed!  Yay!

Woke up this morning and the problem had been fixed.  yay!  Everything has been set back to “normal” so my site is pretty again.

But because there are links out on the Interwebz to this page, I’m leaving it here.  🙂  For Histerical perposes…

All WordPress sites are having a display issue

The dog broke it ©2011

Sorry guys, I know that my blog looks like crap right now.

But it isn’t my fault.  It is happening to any blog hosted by

I hopped over to the support forums and the place is going NUTS!

The WordPress tekkie guys are working on the problem.  (as of 3:00 am Central Standard Time — in the US)

BUT… I know what has happened….  Shhhhhhh..

The dog broke it!”

So, my apologies to anyone coming to the site.  It is actually much prettier than you see right now and better organized.  🙂

The content is all here, but the menu is messed up.  And my cool header graphic is not there and the background image isn’t showing.

And of course the menu is a MESS!   Stay tuned!  I apologize for the mess.

I’m headed to bed now.  Hopefully things will be fixed by tomorrow.  G’nite!

Good Customer Service is a rare thing and should be applauded…

…so I want to brag on a local company who did more than the right thing!

I just had the most awesome experience and I want to share it with you because service like this is so rare and when it happens the story should be shouted from the rooftops.

The bottom line:

I highly recommend City Mattress Factory (  They are located at 900 Haltom Road, Fort Worth, TX 76117

Here’s why:


This is the frame that I’m getting. Called “Southwest” I’m getting it in “Mocha” which is basically what they call “black” LOL

I live on a very small income consisting of my monthly TMRS pension check and whatever money I can make by picking up odd jobs here and there.

To give you a perspective, a tank of gas is a major outlay.  No kidding, no exaggeration.  At the end of the month there is usually under $10 in my checking account and I get real creative with the food budget all month long to make ends meet.

So…buying furniture is not something that is normally in the budget.  However, two weeks ago, when I sold a PA sound system, I decided to use the windfall and replace my queen sized mattress and box springs with a Loveseat sized futon with ottoman.

Having a futon makes a lot more sense for me than a regular bed because, due to my sleep apnea, I sleep sitting up and have to use a bunch of pillows to keep me upright.  A futon with an ottoman fixes that problem. Also because I rent a room from my best friend.  Most of the time I’m in my bedroom, which fuctions as my “home office” and my “living room” as well.

The futon will serve as both sitting and sleeping where a bed is just for sleeping.  A bed takes up so much space and is only used 8 hours out of every 24.  A futon will take up much less space during the day, is more useful more of the time both during the day and during the night.

So I started Read the rest of this entry

Time to De-clutter — and ignore the screaming heart strings…

Making Confetti…

The current working pile and the bag o confettii

The current working pile and the bag o confetti

I’m 52 years old.  And we live in a paper society.  I’ll pause while you do the math…  dum de dumm..

Did I mention that I hate filing? dum de dum….  [finger twiddling]

Ok… got the picture?

Ah yes, boxes and boxes of unsorted papers that represent the “history of my life”

Every time I’ve ever begun to tackle this now Herculean task of going through it, sorting, filing, and THROWING AWAY and SHREDDING IT!!!! two awful words pop into my head…

Yeah, but….  followed by their evil twins  “What if…”

Yeah, but

… this is part of my life…

… this proved that I existed…

… OMG I had forgotten all about this…


What if…

… I need this someday…

… I become so rich and famous that one day a big library will want all my papers because they will provide a window into my life that some graduate student one day will Read the rest of this entry

I’m having an Online Garage Sale

My Inner Domestic Diva has gone Crazy!

My Inner Domestic Diva - Ready for Action!She has declared war on the legions of dust bunnies inhabiting my living space and has threatened an INTERVENTION!

She said that if I didn’t help her de-clutter the place and get rid of some of the junk that has been taking up space that she was going to call the booking agent for that reality TV show about hoarders and turn my name in!

Since I can’t abide reality TV shows, and she was about to throw her tiara at me…  I gave in.

You can see the full gamet of what I’m selling over at Pinterest where I’ve created a board called “My Online Garage Sale”  Clever title isn’t it?  🙂

Once there you can click on the photo and that will take you to either Amazon or to eBay where you can then either bid or buy the item of your choice.

Some fun stuff… …it’s a Garage Sale after all.  LOL

garage sale

What are you waiting for… hop on over and go rummaging!

All kidding aside… …I need the cash in a bad way.

cardboard_blankI really do need to clean out the storage closet.  By selling a bunch of stuff that I haven’t even looked at in years, I’ll be able to move what remains to a smaller unit and save some bucks on the rent.

However, I’m also doing this bit of “fall cleaning” because I really do need the cash.  My truck insurance is due on the 16th.  Urk and I’m $69 short.  And after that there is…

well, I think you get the idea.


Stuff Tony NeedsIf you don’t feel like shopping for yourself, you can always shop for me!

I’ve created a “wish list” of things I need but don’t have the money for right now over on Amazon.

Anything on the list (some stuff is under $5) will be shipped to me as a gift.

And I will be EVER so grateful!

See ya on the dance…  Uhmm… See ya at the Garage Sale!

Macro, Micro, and Meta-Mucil

There is actually a “Method” behind the madness…

Motivation is what gets you going.  Habit is what keeps you going.If you’ve been reading my blog recently you know where I’m coming from:

333-335 lbs at my heaviest,
not healthy in any sense of the term,
and certainly not fit!

But I’ve not really talked very much about where I’m going.

And I’ve not talked very much about how I’m getting there.

Oh, I will…  I definitely will.  Watch for future posts on specific techniques.

For now, so you have some context in which to place this post you are reading, I have to very briefly give you a broad overview of what is going on as I make this journey to Health & Fitness.

Basically, I’m applying organizational skills that I acquired from my former life as a librarian to the task at hand.  Business practices like Gantt charts, procedural assessments, time management techniques, task efficiency studies, task check lists, etc.

The reality “on the ground” is that my life is in a certain state (one which I don’t like).

I strongly desire it to be in a radically different state!  Getting from here to there, Read the rest of this entry

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