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Using Line Dancing as Exercise

Dancing may be fun but it isn’t always exercise…

Araceli Torres Teaching a private Lesson at the Go Dance Studio in Austin TexasI have had this article idea for a while now which I planned to do here on my blog.  The idea was to talk about how dancing, while fun, isn’t always exercise.

When you “exercise” you basically have to get your heart and lungs and muscles exerting enough effort so that the body is “stressed.” We’re talking “good stress” here.  Because when the body is stressed, in a good way, the body responds by becoming stronger.

And that is how you get healthier!  Tah-Da!

Unfortunately, when you are in the studio practicing different dance techniques, your body is not always being stressed.  You end up doing the same movement over and over again which can increase flexibility, agility, and muscle control, but it is NOT stressing the cardiovascular system.

>>> SIGH <<<

So, this idea for an article has been dancing around in my head for a while (pardon the pun).  I was going to go on for a bit with my usual drama. *GASP*  Do I hear my dearest readers crying out “Tony?  Engage in DraMA?!  Him?”

Oh shush!  You guys be quite!  🙂

Anyway, before the inner audience in my head so rudely interrupted me …

Hmmm… why do I feel like I’m in a Read the rest of this entry

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