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The Electric Slide — The World’s Easiest Line Dance

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Electric Slide-little boy with static (CC)

First, let’s get your daily ration of “cute” taken care of…

Check out the little boy over to the right.  Check out his cool shades, his big happy smile and his really styling hair..

Bad pun warning…

He just came down a SLIDE and his hair is charged with static ELECTRICty…  Get it?  “Electric Slide?”

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!  Squeeeeeeee!

Ok, moving on…

The Electric Slide (the dance)

This dance is probably the best recognized dance in the world and is my nomination for the worlds easiest line dance.  Scratch that.  The Wobble  is the world’s easiest line dance, but the Electric Slide is a close second.  This dance is designed for drunk people who Read the rest of this entry

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