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Tony’s Take on: Slim Fast vs High Protein Slim Fast

Problem: Which Meal Replacement Shake Should I Use?

Ok, fair warning, this ain’tcha ordinary review…


I wouldn’t be, uhmmm, well, uhmmm, “moi” if I did a plain ordinary review!

And why should I anyway?  “Ordinary” is just so.. “Plain!”

One should always strive to be FAB-u-LUS even when reviewing meal replacement shakes.

So………  Welcome to Tony’s Brain – doing a review — Brace yourself, it’s a very strange place!

Regular readers, keep reading and enjoy the silliness that you’ve come to expect from me.

You folks who found me via a Google search and are expecting a “normal review” well dearest visitors, you have a choice…

You can do what my regular readers are doing, which is grabbing their morning coffee or a snack to tide them over for a bit while they sit back and have a few laughs reading my post…


You can jump down to the Read the rest of this entry


A tale of the “Evil Empire” Part 1

ATT is EvilOk, here is your official GEEK warning.  First, however, there will be DRAMA.  Everyone is welcome to read that.  Then there will be Geek stuff sprinkled with drama (little d).  The Geeks can read that.  Or the really bored can read it.   Hey, my blog gets the “hits” either way.  🙂

So, dear reader, you are officially warned that I’m gonna GEEK out on you.  You’re not going to get a DRAMA warning as it should be obvious by now that there is ALWAYS drama in my life.

So,  I’m going to geek out on you and talk about computers and such.  Nope, narry a mention of weight loss or food or fitness or health will be made in this post.  Why you ask, oh faithful readers?  Why the digression?

Well because Uhm… pardon me while I pull this soap box out of the corner and put it front and center so I can go on a bit of a rant (ok, ok, I’ll through in some hard-core facts for you too)

<Scccccrrrrrrraaaapppppeeeeeee> Now  where was I?  Oh, yes….


There.  I feel better now that I’ve got that off my chest. 🙂  Ok, maybe they’re not evil, I’m sure there are lots of very nice people working for AT&T, but the company seems to have this philosophy that is bent on maximizing their profits while ignoring the most basic tenants of customer service.  More about that in Part 2 when I compare AT&T and Jitterbug/Great Call

The sad part is that they are not the worst Internet Service Provider out there!  Eeek!  Read the rest of this entry

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