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I’ve been BUZZZEEE!

I’ve crossed a lot off my “To Do” list…

Cartoon Bee - Busy Bee

Because I don’t want to spend a lot of time and because the clock is staring at me and because I’ve got to get up tomorrow at 8am whether or not I’m rested and because I’ve got a LONG day ahead of me tomorrow, I’m going to make this quick.

Well, “quick” as in “quick for Tony”

Anyway…  first a confession.  Over the past two years as my life has slid into the crapper, my humble abode which consists of a small room, a bathroom, a portion of the kitchen and a corner of the dining room have become well, uhmmm… Icky.

My Bed ©2011Dusty.  Dirty.  Cluttered.  Messy even.  I’ve not had friends over to visit because I’m sure they’d shriek “INTERVENTION” and call the booking agent for that show about horders.

Here is a pic of my room, all tidy and neat.  — at least one side of it anyway….  🙂  And don’t try to zoom in, there is dust but I kept the resolution down low so ya can’t see it… so there!  Thhhhhppppttttttt!

Anyway, I’ve realized though that something which got messed up over the course of MANY months can’t be fixed in a day or even a week.  It is going to take a little each day to get everthing ship shape, dusted, cleaned, organized and toss a lot of stuff I don’t need and don’t use out the door…

Hmmmm… that applies to me and my body as well doesn’t it?! 

Wow….deep thoughts late at night.  Oh my!

Ok,  Off the top of my head here are the things that I’ve accomplished over the past week (in no particular order)

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