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Macro, Micro, and Meta-Mucil

There is actually a “Method” behind the madness…

Motivation is what gets you going.  Habit is what keeps you going.If you’ve been reading my blog recently you know where I’m coming from:

333-335 lbs at my heaviest,
not healthy in any sense of the term,
and certainly not fit!

But I’ve not really talked very much about where I’m going.

And I’ve not talked very much about how I’m getting there.

Oh, I will…  I definitely will.  Watch for future posts on specific techniques.

For now, so you have some context in which to place this post you are reading, I have to very briefly give you a broad overview of what is going on as I make this journey to Health & Fitness.

Basically, I’m applying organizational skills that I acquired from my former life as a librarian to the task at hand.  Business practices like Gantt charts, procedural assessments, time management techniques, task efficiency studies, task check lists, etc.

The reality “on the ground” is that my life is in a certain state (one which I don’t like).

I strongly desire it to be in a radically different state!  Getting from here to there, Read the rest of this entry


I’ve been BUZZZEEE!

I’ve crossed a lot off my “To Do” list…

Cartoon Bee - Busy Bee

Because I don’t want to spend a lot of time and because the clock is staring at me and because I’ve got to get up tomorrow at 8am whether or not I’m rested and because I’ve got a LONG day ahead of me tomorrow, I’m going to make this quick.

Well, “quick” as in “quick for Tony”

Anyway…  first a confession.  Over the past two years as my life has slid into the crapper, my humble abode which consists of a small room, a bathroom, a portion of the kitchen and a corner of the dining room have become well, uhmmm… Icky.

My Bed ©2011Dusty.  Dirty.  Cluttered.  Messy even.  I’ve not had friends over to visit because I’m sure they’d shriek “INTERVENTION” and call the booking agent for that show about horders.

Here is a pic of my room, all tidy and neat.  — at least one side of it anyway….  🙂  And don’t try to zoom in, there is dust but I kept the resolution down low so ya can’t see it… so there!  Thhhhhppppttttttt!

Anyway, I’ve realized though that something which got messed up over the course of MANY months can’t be fixed in a day or even a week.  It is going to take a little each day to get everthing ship shape, dusted, cleaned, organized and toss a lot of stuff I don’t need and don’t use out the door…

Hmmmm… that applies to me and my body as well doesn’t it?! 

Wow….deep thoughts late at night.  Oh my!

Ok,  Off the top of my head here are the things that I’ve accomplished over the past week (in no particular order)

Some Additional Steps to Get Me to My Goal

To Do List (CC)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the methodology of “getting healthy” and “living healthy”.  And why so many people fail at the effort.  An’ jus fer der record, I jus used a 14 dollar wurd!  “METH-o-DOLL–O-gee!”  So thar!  Take that!  Texans can too speek rail AngLish!  😉  But I digress; back to the post at hand:

I’ve also given a lot of thought to how you fit any new effort into an already busy schedule.  Take a look at the lists of “Related Posts” at the bottom of this article if you want to go back and read some of the articles as I’ve worked through these particular chains of thought.

To that end, I’ve been creating a prioritized “to do list”.  A variety of things are going onto the list, all of which I believe will get me closer to my goal of living a healthy lifestyle.  Some of them are relatively small and can be easily accomplished, others represent a major change and contain many smaller steps.  Many of them represent a change where I replace an “unhealthy” behavior with a new “healthy” behavior.

As I’ve been working on the list it occurs to me that what I’m doing is HUGE!  I mean, stop and think about this:  basically I’m making changes that will affect EVERYTHING in my life.  Some, indeed most of these, are not “do it once then forget it” things.  They are “do it for the rest of your life” things.

I’ve created a new page I’m calling “Check List Check Off” where I’ll list all of these items and check them off as I do them.  I’ve mentioned that some of the tasks are actually composed of smaller tasks.  Check out my post on “Making my morning coffee more healthy” if you want to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

So, on the “Check List Check Off” page, I’ll tackle one thing at a time.  But as I do so, that “one thing” may explode into dozens of small things when I tackle it.  And as I finish each step, I’ll mark it *DONE*!

Some More Steps

I’ve thought of a couple additional things that I either need to do or want to do that will hopefully move me toward my goal.

  • Track my weight and body fat percentage.  I know from past experience that if I weigh in on a daily basis that I am more prone to sticking with any fitness effort.  It also gives me a concrete measurement of how I am progressing.
  • Take regular progress photos.  This also falls into the category of keeping myself on track.  But I also know I’m something of a performer.  Knowing that I’m “performing” for an audience, even if it is for the four people who are actually reading this, makes me more likely to keep moving forward toward my goal.  Just ask any of my friends.  They will readily tell you that given any opportunity, I’ll go into performance mode.  LOL
  • Reduce Stress. This topic is so huge that it would require a whole book in and of itself.  So for now I’ll leave it simply as “reduce stress.”

So, there you have it.  I’ve made a start.  I’m moving again.

See you on the dance floor!

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