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2013 Louisiana Country Dance Hayride

Line Dance Room Workshop Schedule


Visit the Event Website for more information.

Yes I know this is a quick and dirty post without my usual wailing and drama but hey, I’m running short on time.  Sorry!  🙂



Another New Page on my Blog: I’ve turned “Pro”

Dancing in the Advanced Line Division in Chicago ©Well, it had to happen sometime.  I am officially a “Professional Line Dance Instructor”  🙂

I guess this means that I’m in it for the money!  LOL

And I’m sure that I’ll be rolling in the dough like Scrooge McDuck within days. Right?  Oh how nice it will be to be part of the 1% 😉  Yeah, right and if you believe that, let’s talk real estate.  I have a lovely bridge for sale.

But I digress…  I do that don’t I?  Check out my new “Line Dance Instructor” page on my blog.  You’ll find a list of the line dance services I offer along with the rates.  And don’t let the hat fool you, yes, I can and do teach non-country line dances.  You’ll also find a little bit of background on my experience and how I got into dancing.  If anyone spots any typos feel free to let me know.

My blog also has an Event Calendar showing which events I’ll be teaching line dance workshops at this year. A *HUGE* thank you to the event directors who have put me on their line dance staff. *hugs*

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