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2013 Louisiana Country Dance Hayride

Line Dance Room Workshop Schedule


Visit the Event Website for more information.

Yes I know this is a quick and dirty post without my usual wailing and drama but hey, I’m running short on time.  Sorry!  🙂



Finding Good Triple Two Step Music

Music for “Triple Two Step”

Cowboy Dancing at a club (CC)Finding good music for a particular genre of dance is often very hard to do. In this post, you’ll find some basic information on “Triple Two Step” and some sample videos so you can see it for yourself what the dance looks like.

If you do a Google search you’ll come up with a lot of possibilities and trust me on this, a lot of them are garbage.  Bleech!

So I’ve created a page of some good ones.  What?  Do I sense some skepticism from the teeming masses?  Fear not gentle readers, the songs have been reviewed by my Inner Domestic Diva and they have met with her approval!   You can check out the page at  Triple Two Step Music — Song List

This list of songs is complied from a variety of sources found on the Internet, including ones from my own library and suggestions from the readers of this blog.  You can follow the links on the list to hear previews of the songs and buy your own copy if you like it.  And if you do buy a song or CD, then I get a couple of pennies commission.   Right now I just have the Amazon Links in place.  I’ll have links to iTunes on the list soon.

SAVINGS TIP:  Get the CD.  A lot of the CDs on Amazon are priced under a dollar.  And you get a whole set of songs.  Yes, you have to pay postage, but the cost per song is much lower than downloading one song at a time.

If you have a favorite Triple Two Step Song and it isn’t listed here, don’t be shy!  You can use the comment form down at the bottom of the page to send me a note and I’ll add it to the list.   So what are you waiting for?  Check out the page at Triple Two Step Music — Song List.

I’ve posted a much longer article over at
Hop on over there if you want to learn more about the dance style called Triple Two Step, and it’s related family of dances.

Songs for Triple Two Step

The Triple Two Song List is just the first of many.  I plan on adding lists for the other country dance genres:

  • Polka,
  • Night Club Two Step,
  • Cha-Cha,
  • Waltz,
  • Two-Step,
  • East Coast Swing,
  • West Coast Swing,
  • Three Step aka as the Two-Step or “Texas Two Step”
  • and Shuffle/Progressive Double Two.

See ya on the dance floor!

Sometimes you just know…you’re getting better…

Numbers?  I don’t need no stinkin’ numbers!  Well, sometimes you don’t.  Sure, measuring yourself with a tape measure or weighing yourself regularly is a good way to track your progress but they are a means to the end, or rather, they are validation of the means.

Or, perhaps, one could view those measurements as the chronicle of a tale told.

But…  the story itself plays out whether or not we record it.

Last week I spent a lot of time in front of my computer dealing with being unemployed.  This week there was less of that “desk stuff” and a lot more dancing in the studio.  Neither last week nor this week have I really been all that concerned about “keeping track” of my fitness levels-NOT a high priority!  This week so far I’ve….

  • Sunday — 2 hour couples practice
  • Monday — 2 hour couples practice
  • Tuesday — An hour private lesson with my coach followed by Line dance practice followed by 30 minutes of couples practice followed by an hour couples lesson followed by another hour of couples practice
  • Wed — an hour and a half of couples practice followed by an hour and a half of line dance practice

Which brings me to now. OMG!!!  Gurl let me tell ya…

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