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Happy New Year!

Sign from the universe -- a very quick post to wish everyone a wonderful, awesome, fantastic, fabulous

Happy New Year! 

And, I just had to share this photo that has been zipping around Facebook.  I don’t know anything about the organization who is credited in the upper left of the sign, but I love the message on the sign itself, and just had to share it.  🙂  Enjoy!

I know that this year is going to be a good one for me, one small step at a time!

See ya on the dance floor!


Hey Jenny! I’m baaaaaaacccccccckkkkkk!

Cat Calendar ©2011This Past Week

On the work front: I did a lot of work.  It is amazing how hard you have to work before leaving for vacation.  And it felt good.  I got a lot accomplished.

On the personal front: I did a lot of thinking and planning:

  • I’ve been struggling with how to incorporate HAES into my own journey to fitness and I had a revelation.  Read all about it in these two posts: “What is Health?”  and “Where is the ‘Me” in Health? — After all, it is all about ‘Moi’!
  • I have a new truck.  A new truck which I love.  But that thar new baby is a catterwaulin’ and demandin’ hard earned dollars on a reg-ul-LARH basis.  Akshulee, my new baby has been purfect, but them thar nasty wall street banker fellas, they are down right ornery!  And they want me to send them part of my check each month for the next five years.  *sigh*  Which means that I’m been working through next year’s budget to see how much dance I can afford.  The short answer is a whole lot less than I want.  *sigh*  (Special note to any event directors that may be reading this — I work cheap! I’d love to be on your line dance staff!  Hint, hint, hint!)

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Prepping for the New Year: Resolutions, Big Bang, Kaizen

Grains of Sand (CC)

I had to share this awesome post that I ran across while surfing the Blog-o-sphere:

Prepping for the New Year: Resolutions, Big Bang, Kaizen. 

It is from a guy who blogs over at “52 Weeks, 52 Pounds: Weight Loss, fitness, insanity

He is further along on his own journey to living healthy but he started the same way that I’m advocating:  begin by making small changes.  Keep it simple, keep working at it, and one day you’ll discover all those small changes have created a healthy you!  Think of each change as a grain of sand.  Keep adding a single grain of sand at a time and eventually you’ll have an awesome beach!

See ya on the dance floor!

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