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I hadn’t planned on spending my vacation working…

TxCowboyDancer Designs Logo with shadow ©2012…but that is exactly what has happened for the past three and a half days.  I’ve been learning CSS and refreshing my rusty HTML skills, setting up my new CafePress Store:

TxCowboyDancer Designs

Check out the cool logo to the right…
I did good!  I likes it!  I likes it!
And I did it all by myself!
(patting my self on the back)

Smiley [CC]

I’ve been toying with the idea of opening an online shop selling t-shirts, mugs, buttons, etc., for ages.  But I’ve never gotten around to doing it.  I’ve got literally hundreds of quotes, quips, and design ideas jotted down on paper.

Most of the designs are dance related.  Surprise!  LOL!

Oh, and the other designs are LOL related.  As in LOL Cats.  You may have noticed that I’ve created a few LOL Cats for my blog, using them to illustrate whatever the topic at hand may be.  I’m putting the best of those into the store first, since they represent already created artwork.

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