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Cats, Capitalists, and Transformations…

Capitalism and Transformations

Cat - Cash Kitty - 20 Dollar Bill (CC)

I have to confess that I’m beginning to feel like a budding capitalist.  Oops!  I’m in business!  🙂

Also, I also have to confess that I’m feeling a little bit guilty about the preponderance of “Gee look at what I’m doing online” kind of posts which have appeared on my blog as of late.

But before all six of you who are reading this go all “99% on my not so skinny butt” let me connect the dots as to why me doing what I’m doing hooks up with me doing what I was doing.”  Still with me?  I hope so! LOL

This whole blog is a record of what is going on in my life as I try and move from

“out of shape, unemployed librarian” to “fit healthy in-shape full time writer and dance instructor”

At first the mission wasn’t so concrete and it certainly didn’t have the “unemployed” bit!  At first, I had a job, I had a blog, I had a very large body and I was VERY Stressed out and UNHAPPY

ai haz a happee! ©Well, now for the first time in ages, I’m happy; I’m not stressed, well not much anyway.   I still have the blog and the large body, but the 9-5 job is gone and my new job is transforming that body into something that I’m proud to call “my body.” However, to do that, well it takes money. *Siiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhh*

I literally did just sigh as I typed this.  I kid you not!  I did!  I really did just sigh.  Now I’m smiling at myself for being silly and sharing that tidbit with you but hey, this is me we’re talking about.  LOL  And we all know I’m a little bit silly.  Ok, sometimes, I’m a lot silly

But I digress…  (yes, I do that a lot, but that’s how my brain is wired)

SQUIRREL  (if you don’t get the “joke” click on the link and all will become clear)

Oh, back to the post…

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I lost my job…and turned into a bear…kinda, sorta

I am now a statistic: I’m Unemployed.

Eleven days ago, I lost my job.  And being unemployed affects everything including one’s health.  Those eleven days have been a flurry of activity doing all the things that one does when one looses their job:

  • Applied for unemployment benefits — I don’t know yet whether I’ll get them.  When I log onto the Texas Workforce Commission’s website the status still says “TWC is reviewing your claim to determine if we can pay you benefits. If we need additional information, we will contact you.”  *sigh*
    Not knowing whether or not I’ll get any unemployment benefit checks, I assumed “worst case scenario” — that I won’t and started making plans:
  • Pre-paid as many bills as possible.  — There are certain things that I’ll have to have if the worst happens I’m going to be out of work for  a while:  medications, rent on storage unit, cell phone, internet connection, car insurance...
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I hadn’t planned on spending my vacation working…

TxCowboyDancer Designs Logo with shadow ©2012…but that is exactly what has happened for the past three and a half days.  I’ve been learning CSS and refreshing my rusty HTML skills, setting up my new CafePress Store:

TxCowboyDancer Designs

Check out the cool logo to the right…
I did good!  I likes it!  I likes it!
And I did it all by myself!
(patting my self on the back)

Smiley [CC]

I’ve been toying with the idea of opening an online shop selling t-shirts, mugs, buttons, etc., for ages.  But I’ve never gotten around to doing it.  I’ve got literally hundreds of quotes, quips, and design ideas jotted down on paper.

Most of the designs are dance related.  Surprise!  LOL!

Oh, and the other designs are LOL related.  As in LOL Cats.  You may have noticed that I’ve created a few LOL Cats for my blog, using them to illustrate whatever the topic at hand may be.  I’m putting the best of those into the store first, since they represent already created artwork.

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Driveshaft Drama: “Getting Healthy Requires a Budget”

Truck is a gonner ©2011Something is clunking in my truck.  CLANKing even.  *SIGH*  This is not a good thing.

The health of my truck affects everything, even my health!  I have to have a vehicle to drive the 44 mile round trip to and from work or else I don’t have a job!  If I don’t have a job, I’m on the streets.

And let me tell ya, those street people don’t look too healthy!  And we won’t even THINK about what all this will do to my budget and how it will affect my ability to dance and compete!  Eeeeeeeeekkkk  Urrrrrrkkkk  Ugh!

So, sit back, or lean forward, your choice, and enjoy my tale of woe and angst while I use the process of telling you about my tale of woe and angst as a way to get my thoughts in order and come to a decision about “OMG What am I going to do??????!!!!!!”

But I digress…  😉  Back to the clunking and clanking…

Saturday, yesterday, at lunch I went out to my truck, got in, turned the key and *CLICK*.  Nada, nothing, not a chirp, not a peek.  Not a single erg of power.   Not good.

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