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In search of the perfect night’s sleep…

Perfect?  Did I say “perfect”?  I’d settle for “Mostly OK”

Iz nots sleepinzzz...! I iz "vizualizin' mai dance routeens" ©One of the items on my “10-Point-Plan” to “Transform Tony in 2013” is #1 Get plenty of sleep every night. 

Easier said than done!   However, talking about sleep is a good way to emphasis and reinforce the ongoing theme that Getting Fit and Healthy is complex because “EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING!

Sleep is important and most definitely connected to everything else in your life.  Without consistent restful sleep, getting fit and healthy is almost impossible.

brunostWithout meaning to whine and moan, or act like a pampered diva….  But, since we’re mentioning “diva”  could I please have some cheese with my Whine?  Hmmm?

Oh, did you hear about that cheese truck fire that took days to put out?  I kid you not!!!!

Holy Cheesus!  Who knew?

Anyway in Norway where this cheese is made there was a truck accident in a tunnel and the load of cheese, called Brunost caught fire and burned for days.

But…  I digress…  Back to the whole sleep thing…. Read the rest of this entry

Getting Healthy is complicated and it takes time… …lots of time!

Stressed out man pulling hair (CC)Ever wish that you could just have three months off from your life to get your life organized?

Yep, I thought that might resonate.  🙂  Loosing weight is complicated because life is complicated.  Life throws curve balls.  And when you are trying to do something as fundamental as “get healthy”  it means that every part of your life is either affected by the effort or affects the effort.  In other words your whole life changes, not just a tiny bit of it.

Using myself as a case study of one in time management…

Stay with me here, you’re about to follow a chain of thought and interconnections and since this basically is inviting you inside “Tony’s Head” the experience could be frightening.  😉

Step one..the starting point.  THE GOAL <drumroll please> is to be fit and healthy.  For me, that means loosing weight, becoming more flexible, increasing my cardiovascular capacity, increasing muscle mass.

However, this immediately connects with and to some degree conflicts with other top level goals.    I dance.  I love to dance.  I enjoy competing in dance.  To dance requires that I have some disposable income for lessons, practice fees, travel expenses to attend competitions, more cash to pay for my pro’s travel expenses to attend the competitions to dance with me, costumes, and dance shoes.

Which means I need a job.  Or a sugar daddy.  (The sugar daddy position currently is vacant…applications now being accepted.  I think I could easily get used to being a kept man.

Ok, so I need a job not only to pay for my dance habit but to pay other things like food, Read the rest of this entry

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