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Yay! The numbers are headed in the right direction! Woo Hoo!

Good news this morning!

Man's feet on a bathroom scaleI know from experience (having done this before) that I need daily feed back on the “stats” — otherwise I tend to get off track really quickly.

Last time I reported my numbers was on Dec 7th:

  • Weight 292 lbs — Loss of 7.8 lbs since my “restart on Nov 28, 2020”
  • Body Fat: 42.25% — Loss of .4 % since my “restart on Nov 28th”
  • Muscle: 23.6% — Loss of 1.4% — Not good!  I need to loose Fat, not muscle
  • Visceral Fat: 30% — same.  No change

My goal is to weigh in daily.  I’m still working on that HOWEVER…this morning, Dec 23rd, I did weigh in and good news

  • Weight: 289.6 — Loss of 10.2 lbs since my “restart on 11/28”
  • Body Fat: 41.65% — Loss of 1.0% since my restart date
  • Muscle: 24.5 — GAIN of .9% Yay! — Last thing I need to do is loose mass!
  • Visceral Fat: 29% — Loss of 1% since my restart.  Yay!

How’s that for a short and sweet post?  LOL

And my closest friends say “I can’t do short!  Aha!  That’ll show them.  grin

See ya on the dance floor.

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