Day Four on Jenny Craig

Flu Bug with the Morning Coffee (CC)I’m off today.  I was off yesterday as well.  I’m running a fever, mild cold bug of some kind but my muscles feel like they’ve been “tenderized” with one of those kitchen hammers.  Ugh!

One thing I’ve noticed after three full days on Jenny Craig is that I’m AMAZED by the amount of food!  There is so much that on two of the days I’ve not eaten everything on the “menu”.  I’ve not eaten the whole menu, not because I’m trying to loose weight faster or because I don’t like the item, but simply because I’m not hungry.  Wow.

The other thing I’ve noticed is how many veggies and fruits that I’m eating.  I think I’ve eaten more vegetables and fruits in the past three days than I have in the past three months!  Mental note to self:  there isn’t enough varieties of veggies in the canned food section of the supermarket.  I need to check out the Frozen section and I need to check out the sections that have the specialty foods like Chinese and Mexican and Indian foods to see what canned veggies are in those sections.

Corn on the Cob (CC)And to my horror, I learned that corn is not a vegetable!!!!!  Eeeek!  GASP!  FAINT!  It is a “cereal” like wheat or barley.

Generations of SUTHERNers have been duped!  When I was growing up, it wasn’t a meal if there wasn’t corn on the table: kernel corn, creamed corn, corn on the cob and we mustn’t forget about cornbread or popcorn.  Or Stews with corn in them or corn chowder.  *sigh*  Oh well….

On the bright side… one of my favorite veggies is beets and *that* veggie actually counts as a “free food” on the Jenny Craig plan.  So I can have as many beets as I like.  😀

One last thing about being on Jenny Craig.  The food actually tastes GOOD, very good!  On the boxes, it is called “Jenny Cuisine” and it does indeed live up to the name.   Even the photos and the colors of the boxes and packages make it look like an upscale food.  Which is a good thing.

For the record, I don’t feel as if I’m on a diet.  I feel more as if I now have a personal nutritionist and a personal cook on staff who are going to help me get back down to the size I was when I was at my thinnest and my healthiest weight.

Me, close to my heaviest weight ©

Me at 275 lbs

Me at my healthiest weight

Me somewhere between 155-165 lbs

Which brings me to the obligatory before and the “way back when” photos.  The photo on the left shows how I look now, when I’m not sucking things in and when I’m not wearing clothes designed to make me look thinner than I really am.  The photo was actually taken in July of 2008, but I look the same now as I did then.  I’m going to do an “official” before photo soon.

The photo on the right is what I looked like when I was at my fittest and what I will look like again, only with less hair.  😉  And yes, I like the color red.  What a fluke that the two photos both have me wearing a red shirt with black pants.  The “skinny photo” was taken at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, May 31, 1990 when I went out there to meet a friend of mine from school who was flying through town.  This photo was when I was at my fittest, around 155-160 lbs. Of course, at that time, my hobby was cycling and I routinely rode my bike over a hundred miles each week.

My current goal is 190lbs with a 12% body fat.  When I get to that goal, I’ll do an assessment to see how I look.  A body fat percentage of 12% will put me into the top of the “Athlete’s”body fat range which will be awesome.  If I feel and look like I need to either bulk up with some muscle mass or or loose a couple more body fat percentage points, then I’ll set up the appropriate exercise program then.

My goal of 190 lbs and a BF of 12% will give me a BMI of 28.26.  According to the CDC, A BMI of 28.26 will still put me in the “overweight” category.  According to the CDC, I should have a BMI of between 18.5 – 24.9 which means I should weigh between 126.5 – 166.5 lbs.  And that does indeed match up with what I weighed when I was my fittest as shown in my “skinny” photo above.  However, the CDC also says that BMI is to be used as only as one of several indicators of health and fitness.  Also I’ve found several articles that discuss the ineffectiveness of BMI when applied to athletes.  So for now, I’ll shoot for the 190 / 12% BF and then I’ll do the assessment when I get to 190.  After all I am now 20 years older than I was in that “skinny” photo!

Well I’ve spent enough time blogging so I’m now going to go have lunch and nurse my fever…. Ugh I hate feeling under the weather.  Bleech!

See ya on the dance floor.

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