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Healthy at every size!

Ragen Chastain, dancer and author of 'Dances With Fat'

Ragen Chastain, dancer and author of ‘Dances With Fat’ — Photograph by Richard Sabel (used with permission of the photographer)

I have a good friend, Ragen Chastain, who blogs over at “Dances With Fat“.

Her blog is awesome!  She’s a very talented writer.  And dancer.  And Choreographer. And a beautiful person, both inside and out!   It is simply not fair that so much talent and niceness be packed into one person!  🙂

Be sure to check out her blog and subscribe, especially if you’re on a quest to get healthy. Why? Because she makes an extremely valid point which, unfortunately, is not widely accepted:

You can be healthy at any size!

What she says, in my own words, is that just because you are fat, that does equal being unhealthy.  And just because you’re thin, that does not equal “good health“.  There are large people who are perfectly healthy.  There are skinny people who are unhealthy.

A medical study that Ragen mentions in a recent post to her blog supports this.  Be sure to read the post and the study.  I read the study.  Ok, ok, I only read the abstract.  The details of the study soon put me to sleep, plus they were using them thar big ole words tha’ cowboys like me from ta piney woods of East Texas jus’ get all befuddled ’bout.  😉

The conclusion of the study says, and I quote: Read the rest of this entry


2010-04-02, Weekly Stats

Well, this week was a good one. I’m still on track to meeting my goals.

Weight loss was as expected. Fat Loss didn’t drop as much as in past weeks but I’m still “on target.”

Weekly Stats Chart ©Weekly Weight Ticker ©

Yay me!

See ya on the dance floor!

2010-03-26, Weekly Stats

Here’s the cold hard numbers, which, are going down, down, down!!! Yay Me!

If anyone is actually watching these numbers and reading this blog, then you might notice that I revised my goal weight. I did this because it makes the BMI number better and because it makes the weekly weight goals more realistic as I near the end of the program and because it is closer to the weight I was way back in the day when I was at my
“healthiest”.Gonna be wearing a skinny shirt *doing a happy dance* Gonna be wearing a skinny shirt!

See ya on the Dance Floor!

Weekly Stats Chart ©Weekly Weight Ticker ©

2010-03-19, Weekly Stats

Well, I learned something very important this week:

I need to wear the same clothes each week to the “weigh-in” at the Jenny Craig Center.   According to my home scale, I lost 2.75 lbs.  According to Jenny Craig scale, I gained 8/10 of a pound.  This week was the first time I’ve worn “work clothes” to the weigh-in.  The previous three weeks, I wore my “work out” clothes which consists of a light weight shirt and warm up pants, those little half socks, and briefs.  My work clothes were heavy cotton “docker” style pants with a built in expando-stretchy thingie that allows the waist of the pants to stretch out an extra four inches, a thick belt, full length socks, cotton polo style shirt briefs.  By my calculations, the work clothes are at least two pounds heavier than my workout clothes.  So…from now on, I’ll take a set of workout clothes with me to work and change before heading over to the Jenny Craig Center.

At home, I weigh once in the morning and once in the evening and then average the two numbers.  I weigh both times in the nude.  The AM weigh-in is after breakfast and after my shower but before I get dressed for the day.  The PM weigh in is after getting home from either work and/or dance practice but before I eat dinner.

Yay Me!!  By the World Championships in Jan 2011, I will definitely be wearing that “skinny shirt”!!!

Here are my numbers for this week:

Weekly Stats Chart ©Weekly Weight Ticker ©

2010-03-12, Weekly Stats

Ok, I have two weights.  One from Jenny Craig which is with “clothes on” and the second which I do at home which is “clothes off”.  This is done in the privacy of my bathroom with the door locked and with me not looking in the mirror!

Yeppers, I know the thought of me on a scale with no clothes is an image that you’d probably not have wanted to visualize!  Now it is stuck in your head the whole day!    Think of it as “appetite control!”  LOL

The “clothes off” done at home is what I will use as my “official” number.  Drum roll please….

2010-03-12 Stats ©

So… I did good this week!

Yay Me!

See ya on the dance floor!

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