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Confessions, Bragging, and Losing Ten Pounds Without Trying


Good Me-Bad Me ©2011Forgive me dear readers for I have sinned.

I have been partaking of the chips (well, not whole bags full, I’ve eaten them as part of lunch with a sandwich)…

… and of the Chocolate Pecan Pie (though only a slice at a time)…

… and of the Jack in the Box (though I have been getting the Chicken Fajita Pita, the healthiest thing on their menu).

Yea though I seek to walk through the valley of the Non-Fat, I have partaken of the Half-n-Half (though only a little bit in each cup of coffee, not a third of the container at a time or anything like that!)…

… and the real cheese, both the sharp cheddar and the Swiss (though only a single slice on each sandwich).

I have strayed into the land of the Sonic (though I got the breakfast burrito with no bacon and two bananas)…

… and, I hang my head in shame dear breaheren and sistertheren,  “S-H-A-M-E! ” I say unto you!  For I have…

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Day one on Jenny Craig… …again!

My breakfast July 16, 2011 ©Okay, dear readers, my last post was bemoaning how difficult it is to get moving again after metaphorically “falling off the wagon”.  To continue that theme, let me tell you how the last couple days have gone for me.

Thursday, I went to the Jenny Craig Center for the first time in almost three weeks.  I work second shift on Mondays, Noon – 9p, so I had been going on Mondays  during my dinner hour for my weekly weigh-in and to get my week’s food for the coming week’s menu.  I’ve missed several weeks though because my work situation though has interfered; we’ve been very very busy at work and I’ve not been able to get away to dinner at a consistent time on Mondays.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, I called the Jenny Craig Center and compared calendars and discovered that they had a Thursday opening at 6:30p.  Since I get off work at 6p on Thursdays that works great.  And since I have no dance rehearsals or lessons scheduled on Thursdays, that means I can go straight from work, to the Jenny Craig Center and then straight to Whole Foods where I can then shop for other food items I need to complete the menu for the coming week and then straight home to put everything neatly away!  Go Team Tony!  🙂

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Day Two on Jenny Craig

Not a morning cat ©2011Well, I’m up and eating breakfast;  have I mentioned yet that I am NOT a morning person.  🙂

I survived Day 1 on Jenny Craig.  Actually I was very surprised by the amount of food that I ate yesterday.  I wasn’t ever “hungry”.

In fact there were two things on the menu I didn’t eat simply because I wasn’t hungry.  A cup of soup and 1 small apple ended up in the “not eaten” column.

Today’s menu:


  • Blueberry Muffin
  • 1 Fruit (small red banana)
  • 3/4 cup Low-Fat Cottage Cheese
  • 1 cup Nonfat Milk**


  • Beef Chow Mein
  • Garden Salad
  • Jenny’s Dressing


  • Turkey with Gravy
  • “Soupitizer” (1 cup of soup)
  • 1 cup of veggies
  • 1 tsp Margarine on the veggies


  • JC Anytime Bar (AM)
  • 1 Fruit (afternoon)
  • JC Cheese Curls (afternoon)
  • 2 Fruits (early evening)
  • 6 oz Nonfat Yogurt (early evening)
  • 2 Tbls Almonds (early evening)

Who knew there were so many Fruits and Vegetables?!?!!!!

Red Bananas (CC)When I went shopping on Sunday for the veggies and fresh fruit, I decided to expand my horizons and try out different fruits and veggies that I’ve never tried before.  I shop at Whole Foods Market which is a little bit pricier than Kroger BUT shopping there makes me feel good about myself which makes the extra money well worth it.

Anyway, I bought a lot of fruits that I’ve never tried and will be experimenting with them.  This morning I tried out the “Red Banana“.  The final vote is still out but I don’t think I like it.  The flavor is definitely different from the yellow Cavendish banana that most Americans see in their supermarket.  I’ll give it another shot later in the week just to be sure but the first go didn’t bowl me over.

My “exercise” for yesterday was an hour and a half practice with my FAB-U-LUS dance partner Donna.  We had a good practice.  I think we’re going to do very very well this year.  We’re learning lots of new things and if we can get them to show up in our routines then we will kick some serious booty on the dance floor!  🙂  I’m very lucky to have her as a dance partner. 🙂

Confession time…

I’m “cheating” on the plan.  *GASP*  only the second day and I’m cheating?!!!  Well, it was actually the 1st day.  I’m cheating in TWO ways.  One is temporary.  The other is permanent and there is no way I’m gonna change.  It’s a very small cheat so I don’t think it will affect my progress a huge amount.

Cheat # 1 — the “temporary” one:  I’m supposed to be using non-fat milk on the Jenny Craig “plan”.  Well I love milk.  I’ve been drinking Organic 2% milk for a long time.  The organic milk is much better tasting than the “regular” milk.  And 2% is a better choice than “whole milk”.  So this week, I bought 1% milk instead of non-fat.  I’m blending that with the remaining 2% milk in my frig because I just can’t bear to throw away perfectly good food.  Next week the “cheat” will be smaller because I’ll buy a half gallon of 1% and half gallon of non-fat and “blend” the two.  The third week on Jenny Craig, I’ll make the switch to Non-Fat milk.  All organic of course.

Silk Soy CreamerCheat #2 — the “permanent” one:  Jenny Craig has a menu that you’re supposed to follow.  And if you get “hungry” they have a very long list of “Unlimited Free Foods” which are all very low calorie and have a large “volumetrics” factor.  Which is just another way of saying “it fills up your tummy without filling up your fat cells.”  There is also a much shorter list of “Limited Foods.”  You can have three of the ones on this list per day.  For example, non-dairy creamer is on the list.  With my morning coffee my “non-dairy” creamer is Silk Soy Creamer.

I use the French Vanilla Flavor.  It is DEEEE-LIS-SHUSH!  And there ani’t no way I’m giving it up.  Even if it is higher in fat that my Jenny Craig “coach” would like me to use.  I figure it is a good trade off because the non-fat non-dairy creamer that I would be using on the plan would require me to put so much of the gunk in my coffee that the amount of calories would end up being the same.  And I’m only putting in a couple table spoons of the Silk Creamer.  So there!  In the grand scheme of “cheats” this isn’t a big one.

Ok friends, family and anonymous Internet folks…. time for me to move on to the next item in my morning routine… make the bed and gather the stuff I need for today’s lunches and snacks.

See ya on the dance floor!

Day One on Jenny Craig

Feet on a bathroom scale [CC]Well, I set my alarm early last night and of course overslept.


So much for planning to get up early!  What can I say?  I am not a morning person.

Moving on…


  • Cranberry Almond Cereal  — when I poured the serving of cereal into the bowl, I literally said “oh my” in reaction to the small amount of cereal sitting there in the bottom of the bowl.  I’m used to having a “bowl” of cereal about six times larger.  No wonder I’ve not been loosing weight.
  • 1 cup non-fat milk.  Ok, I’m cheating.  I admit it.  But I need a transition period.  I love milk.  And I’ve been drinking 2%.  The menu calls for Nonfat Milk.  Well, for this week I’m going to use 1% milk.  Which tasted just fine this morning.  Next week I’ll get a gallon of Non-fat and 1% and mix the two.  Week 3 I’ll be on non-fat milk.  So there!
  • 1 Fruit (orange juice)  — I guessed on the quantity, drinking only 5 ozs.  I need to find out how much OJ makes “1 fruit”
  • 1/2 Cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese.  I actually like cottage Cheese.  Yay!  I discovered this morning that I had a set of pretty plastic “desert” serving cups way back in the pantry on the top shelf.  They hold 1/2 cup!  And it is pretty.

I gathered all the stuff for lunch, the mid-morning “snack” the afternoon “snack” and what I’m calling the “4th meal” which is a sandwich with 1 oz meat (or cheese), but not both, and 1 tsp of mayo.  I’m on a 2000 calorie per day plan which means I get an “extra” meal consisting of a sandwich and 1/2 cup of milk.

I work today from Noon – 9pm and I have a dance practice from 10-11:30 so I have to take a bunch of food with me today.  Well after I got everything gathered for the am snack, for “lunch”, for the afternoon snack, and for the extra meal all neatly tucked into their individual containers, it filled up my insulated lunch bag!

I plan on eating the “extra meal” which is the sandwich around noon when I get to work, after my practice this morning., “Lunch” will be around 2:30 or 3.


  • JC Turkey Burger
  • Garden Salad (greens, mushrooms, radishes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes.)
  • Ranch Dressing (pre-measured packet from Jenny Craig)
  • 1 oz low fat cheese

Then there is a long stretch before I get off work at 9…. so I’ll have the am and pm snacks during that time:

  • Any time bar & 1 fruit (1 small apple)
  • 2 fruits  (1 banana)

Then when I get home tonight dinner:

  • Spaghetti with Meatballs
  • 2 cups of veggies
  • 2 tsps Margarine (on the veggies I assume…  LOL)
  • JC Cookie
  • 1 1/2 cup milk

I was VERY HAPPY to see that in the “introduction” booklet it says that it doesn’t really matter what time you eat.  That whole “don’t eat after 8pm” thing that everyone takes as gospel truth is a bunch of bull hockey.  I’m going to research that just for my own peace of mind, but given my schedule of work, dance lessons, and dance practices, I often do not get home until after 9pm, usually not until 9:30 pm so that means dinner is LATE.  Then bed time is not far behind.

So here’s to day one on Jenny Craig.

Just for the record…  I don’t really expect anyone to read this but me.  After all, the boring details of what I’m eating and how I’m doing just are not that entertaining.  But since I do better with an “audience” even if it is imagined, throwing my experiences out there for the whole world to see is a motivator for me.  And since this whole diet thing is all about me….  well there ya go!  🙂

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