NEWSFLASH!!!! ProAm Students and Couples Dancers Discover Benefits of Learning Line!–Scientists Announce Earth’s Axis is Affected! Tentative Hayride Line Dance Room Workshop Schedule Revealed to Public!–The Royal Family Rumored to Attend!

FINAL UPDATE TO THE SCHEDULE!!!  4:45 am Friday Apr 27, 2012

Be sure to attend as many of these awesome workshops as you can when you’re not competing.  They are FREE with your weekend pass.  Take shameless advantage of these wonderfully incredibly talented instructors  who will be teaching you FOR FREE!  

Louisiana Country Dance HayrideLouisiana Country Dance Hayride

Alexandria, Louisiana

April 27 – 29, 2012
Ray Michiels – Event Director


WOO HOO!  I’m so excited to be headed to this event.  My friends have told me so much about it…the good food, the social dancing, the great time they’ve had there.  This will be my first time to attend.  I can’t wait!   A big “Thank you!”to Ray who asked me to be his Line Dance Coordinator.  (And Jenny Craig does not need to know about the Friday Crawfish Boil or the Taste of Louisiana Dinner on Saturday!  It will be our secret–nobody rat me out!  Ok?)

 Tentative Line Dance Room Workshop Schedule

If there are any changes, I’ll post an update.  Here is the current version as of  4:45 am Apr 27, 2012!




3:00 PM

Red Draper

Tush Push aka Push Tush [High Beg / Low Int, 40 count, 4 wall] Choreographed by Jim Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel — Of course we want you to camp out in the line dance room all weekend, but, if you only have time to learn one dance, then this is THE country line dance to learn.  We’ve had lots of requests from the Couples and Pro Am students to teach some of the “classics” that the hard core Line dancers already know, so Couples & ProAms, this “Tush” is being “Pushed” just for you!  (Hard Core Line Dancers also welcome!)

4:00 PM

Tony New

Hi-A-Ma Cha [Intermediate, 48 Counts, 2 Walls, non-country salsa/cha-cha] This dance is the #2 dance on the World Line Dance Newsletter Survey!

5:00 PM

          DINNER BREAK

6 PM til?





9:00 AM

Melanie Foster

Cajun Cha-Cha[High Beginner] -Fun, easy to learn “local club dance”
Zydeco Bounce [Beginner] We’re in Louisiana so there has to be Zydeco!Join us and learn these two local Alexandria Favorites!

0:00 AM

Catherine Pisano

TECHNIQUE — Frame & Arm Styling for Line Dancers Learn how to use improved frame and arm stylings to spice up your dancing.(ProAm and Couples dancers welcome too! — Good technique is good technique!)

11:00 AM

Cory Decure

Footloose [Beginner, 32 count, 4 wall, country novelty] Choreographed by Levi J. Hubbard & Starla Rodgers

12:00 PM

Karen Aubrey

Without Fire [Intermediate, 64 count, 4 wall, non-country] Choreographed by Karl-Harry Winson.  This dance is currently #1 on the World Line Dance Newsletter Survey.

1:00 PM

Karen Miller / Tony New

The Wobbletaught by Karen Miller [Ultra-Beginner, 32 count, 4 wall, non-country] This FUN dance is sweeping through night clubs across the country.  If you can walk, you can learn it! 

Texas Cha-Chataught by Tony New [Beginner, 20 count, 4 wall, country cha-cha]  Join us for a teach of this “classic” dance that has been a club favorite for so long that no one knows who choreographed it.  It is fun and can be danced to a lot of different songs.

2:00 PM

Marcus Bebee

TECHNIQUE — Turn & Spins for Line Dancers.  ProAms and Couples are also welcome to attend this valuble class.  No matter your favoite style of dance, when we’re spinnning, we’re spinning all on our own!

3:00 PM

Andrew Gern

Something in the Water [Beginner, 32 counts, 4 walls, non-country polka] Choreographed by Niels Poulsen

4:00 PM

Bob Clanton

TECHNIQUE — Cha Cha With Me [Beg/Int 32 count, 4 wall, non-country cha-cha] choreographed by Niels Poulsen   Excellent class for line, couples and ProAms who want to learn and practice latin technique.

5:00 PM

Jim Criger

Chill Factor [Intermediate, 48 count, 4 wall, non-country novelty] Choreographed by Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead — We’ve gotten so many requests for this dance that we are teaching this classic that has stood the test of time.  A club favorite all around the world.




9:00 AM

Karen Aubrey

Caballero (A Spanish Gentleman) [High Beginner/Low Intermediate, 64 count, non-country rumba with a tango feel]

10:00 AM

Tony New

Askin’ Questions [Intermediate, 32 count, 4 walls, country polka] Choreographed by Larry Bass

11:00 AM

Hiromi Smith

BRAND NEW LINE DANCE!  — Without You [High Beginner/Low Intermediate, 32 count, 2 wall, night club two step] Choreographed by Clive Stevens.    Fresh from the “Japan Country Dance Challenge,” this dance is so new that it isn’t on Kickit or on CopperKnob!  Be one of the very first to learn this wonderful dance.


Calling All ProAm Students and Couples Dancers!

Secret Among Friends (CC)Pssssstttt!  I’m going to share a secret with you.  Just between you and me.  Don’t tell anyone… 

I started out as a line dancer.  When I started ProAm, the skills I acquired by line dancing were a significant factor and my secret weapon, through my whole first year as a Newcomer.  Those skills and a lot of practice time, eventually garnered me 3rd Place at Worlds that year… My very first year as a ProAm Newcomer and I was on the podium!

Consider these benefits that line dancing can bring to your couples and ProAm dancing.  The basic idea is When you line dance, you are doing it all….there is no one else to hang on to and help you out.  Because it is you and only you, you develop and improve your dance skills and then those skills transfer DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY to your ProAm and Couples Dancing!

  • Improved Balance
  • Improved Frame
  • Improved Arm Lines
  • Improved Turns and Spins  (Guys… I’m talkin’ to youse!)  😉
  • Improved sense of timing and rhythm
  • Better memorization skills for choreography
  • Hate drills?  Then why not dance it!  I hate drills with a purple passion!  But I love to dance.  Line dances are a repeating pattern, so each time you repeat the pattern, while dancing to music you get another chance to execute and practice technique.
  • Improved stamina….  Let’s face it, while rehearsing with our Pro or our couples partner is fun, how many times in the studio, do you really get your heart rate up to 60% or more of max.  Then at a competition, you’re all out of breath?  Sound Familiar?  But when you dance a line dance (as a technique improvement exercise — I *hate* the word drill!) then you are DANCING, burning calories, improving your stamina and cardiovascular health.

But, remember, this is a secret.  Just between us…

See you on the dance floor…   …at the Louisiana Country Dance Hayride!!!

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