Week One on Jenny Craig – NOT! – Let’s Dance Instead!

Yin Yang (CC)It is important to not plan too much… 

     Yet, it is important to plan ahead…

Ah, grasshopper, in life, “balance” is the answer
and leads to wisdom.

(That “grasshopper” reference dates me… LOL)

Week One on Jenny Craig

…ain’t gonna happen THIS week!

Louisiana Country Dance HayrideYes, I know, I know, but my time this week has been spent practicing in the studio, taking lessons in the studio, and performing my “Line Dance Coordinator” duties for the Louisiana Country Dance Hayride.  I’m having a blast and the work isn’t all that difficult, but it is time consuming. Lots of emails flying about as I’ve first set up the schedule then more as I’ve publicized the workshops I’ve set up.

And, the event is this weekend, starting on Friday which means that Friday I’ll be driving for 5-6 hours, starting out at an UNNATURAL hour of the morning,  then spend the rest of the day in non-stop work, uhmmm, fun!  Well work that is fun.  Check out the Workshop Schedule.

Then all day on Saturday will be non-stop activities.  Then Sunday will be half a day of fun activities disguised as work followed by a six hour drive home.  Woo Hoo.

Oh, did I mention the EXCELLENT Cajun food at this event?  I didn’t?  My bad.  😉  Don’t tell Jenny.  It will be our secret.  Jenny doesn’t need to know!

So…  friends, neighbors, and the 12 people that are actually reading this blog entry, starting week one of Jenny Craig just ain’t gonna happen.  Not this week.

Countdown Check-list to start Week One on Jenny Craig:

  1. Clean out the pantry of all “bad” “not allowed on the menu” foods.  That means anything like a half eaten bag of Oreos has to go!
  2. My Inner Domestic Diva - Ready for Action!Clean and organize the dish cabinet.  I swear those dishes are in there four-nee-catin’ and producing baby dishes!  It is a disaster!  It is chaos!  It is like the Borg!  Resistance is futile!Well, they haven’t met my Inner Domestic Diva!  She is polishing her tiara, donning her magenta apron with the lace trimmings and will whip that cabinet into a well-managed space!  Ta-Da!
  3. Clean the fridge and clean the microwave.  I’m a bachelor.  My room-mate is a bachelor.  Two guys, one  small kitchen.  Let your imagine run wild and it still probably won’t come close to the reality.  But even I have limits.  Those two appliances need to be cleaned!  My Inner Diva is appalled and disgusted!  He has taken flight and is finding refuge in her box of bon-bons!
  4. The most important, I’ve saved to last.  I need to take the Jenny Menu Week One, and make a shopping list for the fresh fruits and veggies on the menu and go to the grocery store and pick them up.

So there you have it, your handy-dandy check list of the kind of things that need to be done in order to be ready to do “Week One” on Jenny Craig.

Now, with my list of things to be done before this weekend and then the weekend being completely booked, this means “Week One” will start on Tuesday.  I need Monday to do #1 – #4 on the list.

See ya on the dance floor!

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